My niece did an unboxing video of my book! (I packed them up and shipped them, which is why they had no filler inside the box. The publisher most certainly doesn't send them like that. 🤣)

Writing is pretty straightforward

I have completed book 1

I have the rough draft of books 2 and 3

I have a few chapters of book 4

In order to edit and complete book 3, I have to finish book 2

In order to finish book 2, I need to finish book 4 so I know where book 2 is going

Once I finish books 2 and 4, I can work on book 3

Once I finish book 3, I will make changes to book 4

Simple, really, I have no idea why series writers spend their free time crying.

If it weren't for this person taking a chance on my story, I would have never finished two novels, never would have submit Hubris for consideration to a publisher, never would have been accepted and never would have gotten to where I am now. I am firmly convinced that it would have become another partial, unfinished story.

In the end, it's tiny twists of fate that make the difference.

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This feature got people interested in my story, got them reading (literally went up from about 50 reads to 1,000 within a few days) and got me the encouragement and motivation I needed to finish my story.

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So, I took a stroll down memory lane. I originally posted Hubris on Wattpad in 2015. I would get a couple of sporadic readers here and there, but nothing major. One day, though, I received this email and things changed drastically.

For context, there were thousands of people submitting their work for featured consideration a day at that time.

For Day 2 of the prompt was "siren." I had a lot of fun with this.

The Mermay challenge by Wacom was "workers," and being international worker's day, I went with this.

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I know it's been literally forever since we've had a stream, but I'm posting here to tell you we'll be back soon. Life happens, work sucks, etc. etc. but we are still kicking!

We had to reinstall the streaming client software here at the w0rmh0le HQ and all scenes were lost in the process. This is okay, though, because it gives us an opportunity for a style refresh.

So, hang tight and get ready for some more gaming, programming, music, and more --straight to you!

Okay, so, great news. So far, I've sold 14 print copies of Hubris, at least two ebooks, and at least two stores have ordered books from the distributor! (19 copies total were sold to retailers, so it is likely more than two stores!)

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boost this post and for every boost I will let one rat loose in alberta

Final bookstore! Politics and Prose on Connecticut Ave. They will actually be hosting Hubris in their store! I also had to cut this one a little short.

On my way to the last spot! Have a preview during the wait!

I couldn't get in to Kramer's to film, but here is a video of the fountain nearby in Dupont Circle that I used in my book.

East City Bookshop at Eastern Market! I had to cut it a little short to make it fit on here.

While I'm waiting for my train, have some facts about Hubris:

Getting a pretty late start, but off to go visit some local bookstores in celebration of Hubris being officially released!

I'm so sleepy, but I have so much content to make for tomorrow.

Everything must be perfect!


So sleepy!!!

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