Question for the masses: would you read a book following more than 6 story arcs?

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Just a couple more days before we have @sarahvhines as our next guest for the w0rmh0le Interview Series!

Join us at on 2022-07-28 at 19:00 UTC

#wis #wis2022

While I'm not in the running with names like Stephen King and NK Jemisin, for being one tiny fish in a huge, corrupt, hostile pond that is Amazon, these numbers are encouraging.

Especially when considering that I encourage anybody who will listen to buy directly from the publisher.

I'm allergic to the sun. So after I got burned, I put aloe on my face.

As it turns out, I'm also allergic to aloe.



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Have a teaser!

If you're interested in buying a copy of Hubris, head over to to place an order!

I never actually mourned the death of somebody I never met until we lost Carrie Fisher.

"What's that like, writing a series? You must really enjoy it."

"Oh, yeah, no, definitely, I love it!"

- Me being Midwestern polite about something that actually causes me strife.

Baltimore was amazing! I met a lot of talented artists, especially musicians.

Up next is my interview with @nebunez for the W0rmh0le summer interview series ( Check out my interview on the 28th and all the other amazing programmers, artists and creatives every Thursday.

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We're live, come join us!

Chill programming stream (working on divvy) {no-mic: questions-in-chat} #Python #SQLite #HTML #CSS

#fosstodon #gaming #programming #music
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The VOD of our interview with @yarmo from this past Thursday is now available to stream and download!

#wis #wis2022

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Are you interested in how I'll explain Federation to people without getting into the technical weeds but sticking to the principles?

Are you interested in a discussion about morals and how they relate to technology?

Are you Jewish or Jewish adjacent and looking to hear about a Jewish Fediverse instance?

I'll be discussing all this Sunday! For info, sign up to the newsletter at

Have i ever told you all that my cat, Balthazar, has a favorite song?

If you're in the Baltimore area and like all things goth, come out and hear some great bands! Don't forget to stop by my table and say hi!

Lord help me, but I'm adding a steampunk element to my cyberpunk story on and I think it's going pretty well.

It's also 2 am and I need to be up and out of the house at 8 am.

I'm going to be so tired and, yet, feel so accomplished tomorrow.

Check out my website and the new watercolor background THAT I MADE!

Thanks to @nebunez and Meg for getting this up and running

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For my birthday back in January, my nephew
and niece-in-law (his wife) got me this music box because I have loved ancient Egyptian history since I was about 10. Last night, it was playing in our art room with absolutely nobody around when I came out to use the bathroom.

Welp, pretty sure this series is going to go from a 3 book series to a 4 book series to a 5 book series. Writing is hard.

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