A lot of people get discouraged when they make plans to write a certain amount of time a day and just can't find the words. But writing is much more than putting words on a page. Here are some things that you can focus on when you can't focus on words:

- Editing: Editing is part of the writing process. If you have a goal of writing for so long a day and the words aren't coming, consider going through what you've written already and editing.

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- Planning: Mapping out your story is part of the writing process. So is fleshing out characters, expounding upon worldbuilding and sharpening your unique storytelling voice.

- Filling Plotholes: Something in your story not adding up and need your attention? Take advantage of slow word days and work through that.

- Working on Your Pitch: If you're intending to market your novel, you're going to need a pitch. In fact, you'll need multiple pitches. Now is a great time to build your summary and consider how to transfer it to the word count needed for the various pitches you'll write.

- Building Your Social Media Plan: If you're intending to market your novel, you're going to need to have a social media plan to gain more attention to your work and you as an author.

- Creating Content Surrounding Your Novel: Short stories, art, covers, snippets of writing you're proud of, all of this can be used as content to get a buzz around your writing before your book is even released.

It's important to remember that, even if you're getting published by a publisher, an author wears many hats and has to have a lot of pieces fit together to release and sell their work. There will be days when you can't write your next scene, but you can always visit some of these ideas and work through them so that they're ready to go by the time your story is.

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