Here it is! In case you couldn't get to the livestream, here is my cover! And if you're interested in pre-ordering a copy of Hubris for its April 1st release, you can do do so here:

Come join me live on my birthday Friday for my cover reveal at (website soon to be completed)

So, who all is doing NaNoWriMo? I'm doing a collection of short stories (I know, not really a novel) on the topic of Winterween--Halloween, but in the winter. I have a rough cover that I'm using for my NaNo profile. (Marked as sensitive for those who may not like horror images.) I've already written one short story, and I hope to find some good readers that can turn these into podcast episodes.

Sometimes, if I can't write anything, I draw. This is a lot better than I usually draw, but it's because I took much more time with it. I'm going to try to draw my characters in this style.

Image: soft anime style orange-eyed girl with light skin and long blonde hair and a cloudy sky background.

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