While I'm not in the running with names like Stephen King and NK Jemisin, for being one tiny fish in a huge, corrupt, hostile pond that is Amazon, these numbers are encouraging.

Especially when considering that I encourage anybody who will listen to buy directly from the publisher.

Have a teaser!

If you're interested in buying a copy of Hubris, head over to balance-of-seven.square.site/p to place an order!

I never actually mourned the death of somebody I never met until we lost Carrie Fisher.

Baltimore was amazing! I met a lot of talented artists, especially musicians.

Up next is my interview with @nebunez for the W0rmh0le summer interview series (interviews.w0rmh0le.net/). Check out my interview on the 28th and all the other amazing programmers, artists and creatives every Thursday.

Have i ever told you all that my cat, Balthazar, has a favorite song?

If you're in the Baltimore area and like all things goth, come out and hear some great bands! Don't forget to stop by my table and say hi!

For my birthday back in January, my nephew
and niece-in-law (his wife) got me this music box because I have loved ancient Egyptian history since I was about 10. Last night, it was playing in our art room with absolutely nobody around when I came out to use the bathroom.

A small selection of what I've found at the American Library Association conference here in DC!

Do you know what spider crickets are? They are cricket that look like giant spiders. I like spiders, but seeing three of these monsters in your washing machine trying to jump at your fave is unnerving.

Anyway, here is my character, Katerina

Did you know that purple dye used to be made from snail mucus?

Anyway, here is my character, Mnemosyne, wearing a snail mucus tunic.

I tricked him into going to bed by holding up one of those little black bags you get at convenient stores. He associates that with ice cream and came running. When he realized my deception, he protested by flopping down on my keyboard.

So, I took a stroll down memory lane. I originally posted Hubris on Wattpad in 2015. I would get a couple of sporadic readers here and there, but nothing major. One day, though, I received this email and things changed drastically.

For context, there were thousands of people submitting their work for featured consideration a day at that time.

For Day 2 of the prompt was "siren." I had a lot of fun with this.

The Mermay challenge by Wacom was "workers," and being international worker's day, I went with this.

Final bookstore! Politics and Prose on Connecticut Ave. They will actually be hosting Hubris in their store! I also had to cut this one a little short.

On my way to the last spot! Have a preview during the wait!

I couldn't get in to Kramer's to film, but here is a video of the fountain nearby in Dupont Circle that I used in my book.

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