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What I'm saying is if you see me awkwardly pitching my book as it gets closer to launch, just bear with me. 😂 It's so much easier for me to spend time passing along helpful tips than it is talking about my product and I will be very weird about it at first, I'm sure. "Be your own biggest fan" is something im still working on.

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Marketing, I'm discovering, is really involved. I did find multiple sources that gave an interesting take: social media is nothing more than a tool to get your readers to your email list. Apparently, newsletters are where it's all at, hence me having to make one. Which is turning out to be very fun. I love helping people with writing and love passing along marketing tips I'm learning. What I'm NOT as good at is selling, which seems to be a big part of marketing. [1/2]

I have followed advice: I now have a monthly writing newsletter. It will have an advice section, a marketing tidbit, a writing prompt and a spotlight on cool artists I find along the way!

In which I am actually asking for writing tips. I'm trying to put together a newsletter, but I'm not sure what topic to address. Here are some of my ideas:

* A letter that looks at the history of different mythologies

* Writing advice

* A letter showcasing new creators of every medium

* A letter on marketing

Any of these striking? Do you have suggestions of your own? I need all the help I can get!

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If you want to know more about what a small-press publisher is and what it can offer, one of the CEOs of Balance of Seven (who I am signed with!) is doing a webinar with Writespace on just that. Ynes is informative and lively, and she has great information for anybody who doesn't want to self-publish but also doesn't want to trust their book in the hands of traditional publishers.

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I'm so excited to announce that for this Wednesday's #starbase0 #HackAndCraft session we will have a beginner-level presentation on digital drawing by Jake Griffin!

Check out Jake and his lesson plans at

Meeting information at

(btw, he teaches using free software!)

#graphicdesign #art #community #learning

It's important to remember that, even if you're getting published by a publisher, an author wears many hats and has to have a lot of pieces fit together to release and sell their work. There will be days when you can't write your next scene, but you can always visit some of these ideas and work through them so that they're ready to go by the time your story is.

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- Creating Content Surrounding Your Novel: Short stories, art, covers, snippets of writing you're proud of, all of this can be used as content to get a buzz around your writing before your book is even released.

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- Working on Your Pitch: If you're intending to market your novel, you're going to need a pitch. In fact, you'll need multiple pitches. Now is a great time to build your summary and consider how to transfer it to the word count needed for the various pitches you'll write.

- Building Your Social Media Plan: If you're intending to market your novel, you're going to need to have a social media plan to gain more attention to your work and you as an author.

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- Planning: Mapping out your story is part of the writing process. So is fleshing out characters, expounding upon worldbuilding and sharpening your unique storytelling voice.

- Filling Plotholes: Something in your story not adding up and need your attention? Take advantage of slow word days and work through that.

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A lot of people get discouraged when they make plans to write a certain amount of time a day and just can't find the words. But writing is much more than putting words on a page. Here are some things that you can focus on when you can't focus on words:

- Editing: Editing is part of the writing process. If you have a goal of writing for so long a day and the words aren't coming, consider going through what you've written already and editing.

Sometimes, if I can't write anything, I draw. This is a lot better than I usually draw, but it's because I took much more time with it. I'm going to try to draw my characters in this style.

Image: soft anime style orange-eyed girl with light skin and long blonde hair and a cloudy sky background.

Finished an elevator pitch (a must-have for any author):

In Hubris, there is an unseen war between the Light World and Dark World for control of humanity’s fate. As well as keeping balance between the two sides without humans’ knowledge of her existence, Telese, the youngest of her siren sisters, must stop her tyrant father’s planned purge of humanity. It’s a story that discusses the consequences and prices of diplomacy and rebellion amidst power struggles and hidden agendas.

PS: this is a good time to mention that your publisher will have strong opinions on things like your cover design. A good publisher will work with you while also giving their expertise on what makes an eye-catching cover.

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I got an update on my cover! The publisher is having a hard time connecting the font designs to the feel of the book, but she knows somebody that makes custom fonts. Meaning I'll have a completely original font for my cover! Super stoked!

Still waiting on copyedits. This is the longest, most tedious part for the editors. It's the easiest part for me, as I fully intend to accept all the edits because my grammar has become so awful over the years, and I trust the editors more than myself.

I've set up a account for a short story I'm writing based on the characters in my novel. You can find it at

PS: these are long chapters at about 2000 words each.

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Question: what is a good site to post a serial short story? I'm not too crazy about Wattpad, and I have this story I'm working on from the world of my series set in 1920s St. Augustine, Florida. It's a lot of fun to write, and I would love to find some readers for it.

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