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Hi all,
here is my quick .
My name is Massimo, I am from Italy and a year ago I had a weird dream about a boy and a strange phenomena.
That image grew in my head and I started writing some short stories (in Italian). I decided to publish them on a personal blog/site – That wasn't enough: bored because of the lockdown, I decided to translate one in English and –a few weeks later– to write another one directly in English.

TL;DR: I think I enjoy writing.

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e pensare che ero partito per condividere un sito che grazie a @informapirata ho scoperto oggi e mi intriga parecchio (anche se i retaggi di anni nella "vita reale" mi rendono sempre cauto).
Qualcuno conosce ?!
Sembra da viverci

In Australia, it was thought that the child would have been a good swimmer if the afterbirth was thrown in the ocean.

Batak people thought it was the sister, or brother, of the newborn child.

Baganda people, instead, thought it was a *changeling* 👦👦

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Finally, I managed to carve out some time and finish a short story after more than a year.
It is based on the placenta, which is believed to have special attributes.

Now and then, I remember that one of the greatest short stories ever has always published online, for free:

The Egg, by Andy Weir.

Everyone using/following the hashtag should read it, there's a lot in there.

Of course, this is the very tip of the iceberg, but it shows that the study of old languages can tell us so much.
If you are intrigued by these points, consider subscribing to Godsip Club 🍸

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Mora was the Winter form of Siva, so a “dark goddess”.
• She was also called the “dream goddess” because from her name could derive “mare” – and then, “nightmares”
• In German, “Mohr” or “Mahri” are the “riders of the storm”, who can be easily related to the Wild Hunt ☁️❄️🐴

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Siva was a Spring deity who is often related with white birds, especially swans 🦢
• Roman Venus (and others) was associated with such animals
• Snakes, too, were linked to her. It was said “white snakes could fly” (and winged dragons myths may come from such powerful images)

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Perun was a god of thunder – like Zeus or Thor.
• Perun’s hammer was made of stone, Thor’s one was forged by metal
• They had the same sacred day (Perendan/Thursday)
- Indo-European word ”perkuus” meant Oak, a tree sacred to Thor
- Both a chariot trained by two goats 🐐🐐

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Flash curiosity ⚡️
Many of the European gods that we know (e.g. Norse ones) could derive from… Slavic deities. The same goes for various classic folklore images.
A quick thread about some evidence 🧵

Last sentence wrote on social media this year:
"Twenty-twenty-one is a huge new brick in our dear old wall of hate."

Happy New Year, then! 🎉

Christmas is coming – and so is the !
This figure, probably based on the European Percht, is a horned devil that chases bad children and takes the meanest ones. Tonight is the and in Alpine villages... kids, beware!
Read more:
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Did you know that many past civilisations thought that your soul could escape your body while you are sleeping?
That's one of the curiosities I wrote about on Godsip Club – I think it's fascinating, mostly because the belief was spread around the globe!

If you are interested in curiosities about , , and ... You're invited to the club 🍸

A few months ago I wrote a very short story about Irish called ‘The Lios‘ starting from a quick incipit: “a young girl tells her dreams to her teddy bear”.
I think it is quite appropriate for .

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As the crypto wars continue around the world, we must remain vigilant to fight for strong encryption to protect our right to privacy. 💪💪

Friday afternoon mood:

- How are you?
- I don't know

I fell in love with – after a couple of days, it feels better than any other RSS reader I tried

Have you ever thought: "This is the last time I'll enter this place" — and it was actually true?

This blog post is titled as a very recent pop album, but the main protagonist is post-rock

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