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Hi all,
here is my quick .
My name is Massimo, I am from Italy and a year ago I had a weird dream about a boy and a strange phenomena.
That image grew in my head and I started writing some short stories (in Italian). I decided to publish them on a personal blog/site – That wasn't enough: bored because of the lockdown, I decided to translate one in English and –a few weeks later– to write another one directly in English.

TL;DR: I think I enjoy writing.

Did you know that many past civilisations thought that your soul could escape your body while you are sleeping?
That's one of the curiosities I wrote about on Godsip Club – I think it's fascinating, mostly because the belief was spread around the globe!

If you are interested in curiosities about , , and ... You're invited to the club 🍸

A few months ago I wrote a very short story about Irish called ‘The Lios‘ starting from a quick incipit: “a young girl tells her dreams to her teddy bear”.
I think it is quite appropriate for .

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As the crypto wars continue around the world, we must remain vigilant to fight for strong encryption to protect our right to privacy. 💪💪

Friday afternoon mood:

- How are you?
- I don't know

I fell in love with – after a couple of days, it feels better than any other RSS reader I tried

Have you ever thought: "This is the last time I'll enter this place" — and it was actually true?

This blog post is titled as a very recent pop album, but the main protagonist is post-rock

Typewriter effect just using HTML and CSS?
I thought it was impossible — I was wrong!

Big news for! Other than some reviews to the stories (I'll be never happy with them), I managed to add some cool features as:
- Reading time! Now at the top of each story/blog post you can see how much time you'll waste
- Contact form! Because shy people like me prefer to avoid social medias
- The very first story I wrote... -properly- translated in English!

Take look, you will see into your imagination! (yes, this may be a quote)

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This #NewYearsResolution should be about increasing your privacy online! Here are some recommendations to quickly increase your privacy and leave Google: 😀🥳

After a year, I finally translated in English the very first short story I wrote.
It is about a family living in Montana, where once the Crow tribe lived.
They had an interesting creation myth — ever heard about it?

I wrote a very short story called 'The Palace': it is about a very elegant building, yes. And death, too. I'm new to this type of narration, any opinion would be appreciated!

lovers, what would you recommend as alternative for 's Preview?
In my opinion, it's an essential tool! Are you aware of any similar project?

Hey, ! What do you think about ? What is your favourite one? Do you change between them? Do you excersise for that?
I personally only used first-person for now just because I feel more comfortable with it. What do you prefer?

Very interesting article about - makes me wanna rewrite (and translate!) some short stories on in English

Yesterday I was sincerely shocked. For years I was intrigued by the description of the root beer.
Books, TV shows... each time I heard about it I was like "Damn, I HAVE to taste it!" – until a few hours ago.
In Europe we are told as children that drinking mouthwash is wrong 🤯 💔

This is my first twoot (tweet + toot), posted on both social networks by a neat script that required much more work that I expected.
As a bonus, here is an interesting link about life lessons.

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