Hey, ! What do you think about ? What is your favourite one? Do you change between them? Do you excersise for that?
I personally only used first-person for now just because I feel more comfortable with it. What do you prefer?

@scaglio I prefer writing in the third-person. I used to prefer first-person, but working on something that jumps from character-to-character in perspective has forced me to write differently.

I have a hard time writing in the first-person now if the character is extremely different from me and my thought process. Trying to write from the perspective of a toddler is helping me, though.

@mara_cav_ :D The differences between characters and me are one of the main reasons I haven't tried first-person yet. I tend to overthink, so when I start asking myself: "How would this person think about that?" I enter in an endless loop – then I overheat and most of the times I discard the project. 🤯

@scaglio It depends on the story and the connection I want the reader to have with the narrator. I've always seen first-person as intimate, but sometimes I want the "distance" created by third-person. Second-person has its fun as well.

@jakel About second-person, each time I try to think about something to write about in that perspective, Palahniuk keeps popping in my mind. I don't know why, he doesn't use it so much as far as I can remember... but I really can't focus on something without relating to his weird subjects. 😆 But the truth is that I should exercise on it — I'm just waiting for a good idea 😜

@scaglio Palahniuk does use it to make his stories sound more conversational. He will jump between first, second, and third. He talks about this in Consider This, which I recommend. Jay McInerney's novel Bright Lights, Big City was written completely in second and may be worth checking out.

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