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Many of the European gods that we know (e.g. Norse ones) could derive from… Slavic deities. The same goes for various classic folklore images.
A quick thread about some evidence 🧵

Perun was a god of thunder – like Zeus or Thor.
• Perun’s hammer was made of stone, Thor’s one was forged by metal
• They had the same sacred day (Perendan/Thursday)
- Indo-European word ”perkuus” meant Oak, a tree sacred to Thor
- Both a chariot trained by two goats 🐐🐐

Siva was a Spring deity who is often related with white birds, especially swans 🦢
• Roman Venus (and others) was associated with such animals
• Snakes, too, were linked to her. It was said “white snakes could fly” (and winged dragons myths may come from such powerful images)

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Mora was the Winter form of Siva, so a “dark goddess”.
• She was also called the “dream goddess” because from her name could derive “mare” – and then, “nightmares”
• In German, “Mohr” or “Mahri” are the “riders of the storm”, who can be easily related to the Wild Hunt ☁️❄️🐴

Of course, this is the very tip of the iceberg, but it shows that the study of old languages can tell us so much.
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