Finally, I managed to carve out some time and finish a short story after more than a year.
It is based on the placenta, which is believed to have special attributes.

Mora was the Winter form of Siva, so a “dark goddess”.
• She was also called the “dream goddess” because from her name could derive “mare” – and then, “nightmares”
• In German, “Mohr” or “Mahri” are the “riders of the storm”, who can be easily related to the Wild Hunt ☁️❄️🐴

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Siva was a Spring deity who is often related with white birds, especially swans 🦢
• Roman Venus (and others) was associated with such animals
• Snakes, too, were linked to her. It was said “white snakes could fly” (and winged dragons myths may come from such powerful images)

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Perun was a god of thunder – like Zeus or Thor.
• Perun’s hammer was made of stone, Thor’s one was forged by metal
• They had the same sacred day (Perendan/Thursday)
- Indo-European word ”perkuus” meant Oak, a tree sacred to Thor
- Both a chariot trained by two goats 🐐🐐

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Christmas is coming – and so is the !
This figure, probably based on the European Percht, is a horned devil that chases bad children and takes the meanest ones. Tonight is the and in Alpine villages... kids, beware!
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Did you know that many past civilisations thought that your soul could escape your body while you are sleeping?
That's one of the curiosities I wrote about on Godsip Club – I think it's fascinating, mostly because the belief was spread around the globe!

If you are interested in curiosities about , , and ... You're invited to the club 🍸

Typewriter effect just using HTML and CSS?
I thought it was impossible — I was wrong!

I wrote a very short story called 'The Palace': it is about a very elegant building, yes. And death, too. I'm new to this type of narration, any opinion would be appreciated!

Yesterday I was sincerely shocked. For years I was intrigued by the description of the root beer.
Books, TV shows... each time I heard about it I was like "Damn, I HAVE to taste it!" – until a few hours ago.
In Europe we are told as children that drinking mouthwash is wrong 🤯 💔

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