This blog post is titled as a very recent pop album, but the main protagonist is post-rock

Typewriter effect just using HTML and CSS?
I thought it was impossible — I was wrong!

Big news for! Other than some reviews to the stories (I'll be never happy with them), I managed to add some cool features as:
- Reading time! Now at the top of each story/blog post you can see how much time you'll waste
- Contact form! Because shy people like me prefer to avoid social medias
- The very first story I wrote... -properly- translated in English!

Take look, you will see into your imagination! (yes, this may be a quote)

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This #NewYearsResolution should be about increasing your privacy online! Here are some recommendations to quickly increase your privacy and leave Google: 😀🥳

@rgx in order, it's:
- unexpected
- horrible
- addictive

So yes, that's quite terrible 😅

After a year, I finally translated in English the very first short story I wrote.
It is about a family living in Montana, where once the Crow tribe lived.
They had an interesting creation myth — ever heard about it?

I wrote a very short story called 'The Palace': it is about a very elegant building, yes. And death, too. I'm new to this type of narration, any opinion would be appreciated!

lovers, what would you recommend as alternative for 's Preview?
In my opinion, it's an essential tool! Are you aware of any similar project?

@wion yes, it indeed depends on what the writing is about, and its genre. I said that I have to exercise in 2nd person because I never really wanted to use it... I already have problems with 3rd person :P
@jakel, by the way yesterday I read "The Tire Pressure Light Is On" on your blog, that's a nice example of 2nd person perspective! :)

@jakel About second-person, each time I try to think about something to write about in that perspective, Palahniuk keeps popping in my mind. I don't know why, he doesn't use it so much as far as I can remember... but I really can't focus on something without relating to his weird subjects. 😆 But the truth is that I should exercise on it — I'm just waiting for a good idea 😜

@mara_cav_ :D The differences between characters and me are one of the main reasons I haven't tried first-person yet. I tend to overthink, so when I start asking myself: "How would this person think about that?" I enter in an endless loop – then I overheat and most of the times I discard the project. 🤯

Hey, ! What do you think about ? What is your favourite one? Do you change between them? Do you excersise for that?
I personally only used first-person for now just because I feel more comfortable with it. What do you prefer?

Very interesting article about - makes me wanna rewrite (and translate!) some short stories on in English

Yesterday I was sincerely shocked. For years I was intrigued by the description of the root beer.
Books, TV shows... each time I heard about it I was like "Damn, I HAVE to taste it!" – until a few hours ago.
In Europe we are told as children that drinking mouthwash is wrong 🤯 💔

@SeventhMagpie Oops, I took your words a bit too seriously 🤣
I can imagine the sidewalks covered of actual ice, I saw that in Oslo a couple of years ago!
Well, let's say that you *could* skate on the sidewalk :P

This is my first twoot (tweet + toot), posted on both social networks by a neat script that required much more work that I expected.
As a bonus, here is an interesting link about life lessons.

@SeventhMagpie Wow, maybe it's a dumb question, but... you mean that you can actually skate on sidewalks? In Russia, right?

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