I quit being a 'professional' writer (whatever that means) at the end of September, and...I've coughed up more writing in the past half month than I have in the past year.


on Twitter I pretend to be a human.
here, I just pretend to be a writer. it's infinitely easier.

new anthology to be released on the 31st~ 😊

not entirely sure where I was going with this, but I think I got there. (but, y'know, poetry. subjective.)


after a 12-hour battle with a migraine (ps: I won), I can still cough up a nice little tanka or two. skizzilz, baby.

"I swore my heart to the Sea, because no monster could take him from me. He is too great, he swallows all fears and makes laughter of all the monster's threats. I swore my heart to the Sea so I wouldn't drown."

I shouldn't really be writing right NOW, with coming up, bu~ut...old habits die hard ;)

"I don't mind that you're a patchwork girl," said the faerie knight. "It makes you different from all the other dolls."

Tired of being sick, sick of being tired, and tired and totally sick of watching all this sick-and-tiredness suck up my inspiration.

I have a head full of calmatives (because -- yes, you guessed it -- migraine!) and am so tempted to just start . I'm aware it would be mostly just nonsense, but...it might be fun or interesting. perhaps...

small garden, a world
a cradle of devotion
fallen leaves, bright dreams

and when the little ones come
how small, and awkward -- and sweet!

today's is about brushturkeys. yes, I wrote a about brushturkeys.

(to be fair, the babies are hilarious and cute.)

question: is an ambulance and/or hospital emergency room good for inspiration?

answer: yeah nah.

I realise that finding faceclaims for my characters is...well, for me, pretty inconsequential in the long run, but darn if it doesn't make me a happy writer.

sand beneath my nails
Mama Ocean calls to me
I need to go home

I need her waves, her breezes
these things that say I'm alive.

(Mermaid ? Whyever not.)

fury descending like flame
rage at helplessness

set a fire in my belly;
time to kick ass and take names

daily(ish) . not proud of this one, but it works for today.

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