I've never loved my own characters like this before. feeling good, despite the brainsick. 💜

I *think* I've found a sort of middle-ground between the "use the Japanese term or best English translation thereof?" quandary...I *think*. you don't want to treat your (potential) readers as idiots, but you don't want to confuse them, either.

joyous writing moments:

sharing a beloved project with writer friends who *get it* and encourage your enthusiasm

that 'click' moment when plot puzzle pieces start lining up and making *so much sense* for the story as a whole

the other 'click' moment when you understand that you really love a character, because of their flaws

that feeling when your worldbuilding has become so vast it's technically cosmosbuilding by now

when your royal line gets so unwieldy there's nothing for it but a family tree

that moment when you let yourself go full cyberpunk in your writing and realise that you'll probably need a personal glossary to remember what half these terms mean

just finished a kickwriting hour and have discovered what the 'neon dream plaza' in my story of the same name actually is. I wasn't expecting that...I didn't actually think it was a thing at all, just a random title I picked out of the ether 😂

not caught up on my word count, but...hooray? why not.

today I learned that sore throats and headaches make you less open to the idea of writing anything except microblogs, a startling discovery

😷 as usual, then

I have the odd feeling it's going to be a typical first day of for me -- I'm going to go to bed exhausted because I had so much on today that WASN'T writing 😂 oh well, aim for double tomorrow? or this evening? who knows. it's a lazy kinda NaNo this year.

I quit being a 'professional' writer (whatever that means) at the end of September, and...I've coughed up more writing in the past half month than I have in the past year.


on Twitter I pretend to be a human.
here, I just pretend to be a writer. it's infinitely easier.

new anthology to be released on the 31st~ 😊

not entirely sure where I was going with this, but I think I got there. (but, y'know, poetry. subjective.)


after a 12-hour battle with a migraine (ps: I won), I can still cough up a nice little tanka or two. skizzilz, baby.

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