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K @september@writing.exchange

Tired of being sick, sick of being tired, and tired and totally sick of watching all this sick-and-tiredness suck up my inspiration.

I have a head full of calmatives (because -- yes, you guessed it -- migraine!) and am so tempted to just start . I'm aware it would be mostly just nonsense, but...it might be fun or interesting. perhaps...

small garden, a world
a cradle of devotion
fallen leaves, bright dreams

and when the little ones come
how small, and awkward -- and sweet!

today's is about brushturkeys. yes, I wrote a about brushturkeys.

(to be fair, the babies are hilarious and cute.)

question: is an ambulance and/or hospital emergency room good for inspiration?

answer: yeah nah.

I realise that finding faceclaims for my characters is...well, for me, pretty inconsequential in the long run, but darn if it doesn't make me a happy writer.

sand beneath my nails
Mama Ocean calls to me
I need to go home

I need her waves, her breezes
these things that say I'm alive.

(Mermaid ? Whyever not.)

fury descending like flame
rage at helplessness

set a fire in my belly;
time to kick ass and take names

daily(ish) . not proud of this one, but it works for today.

Okay, my findings (read as: whinings) are thus:

Writing through headache: possible.
Writing through depression: LOL NOPE.

he was a moon-fox
born beneath a kudzu bower
star-blessed, spirit-kissed

could those lovely vulpine eyes
have seen a thousand years on?

[daily ; I was right about this getting the words flowing, just by the by...]

daily :

we who are alive
in such a transient world
where joy comes and fades;

how can we survive like this,
when sorrow so steals our breath?

no tanka yesterday due to severe coccyx pain.

I only wish I was making that up. Sigh.

the boy like lightning
floating over the pale ice
amidst the thunder;

he has rekindled magic.
he dances in a white flame.

(a daily to keep the words flowing? probably a good idea.)

my...my main project has a *title*. after three months. FINALLY.

...I think I need a lie-down.

thought of the day: the eucatastrophe is an essential element of .

engaging in some extreme sports:
with a very persistent headache.

hardc0re, baby.

(not sure if is a tag here on the fediverse, but hey.)

currently reading "A Counterideological Discourse: Buddhism in the Taketori Monogatari".

I'll give it one thing, my current project is definitely never boring. ;)

and okay, when I say "little headache", I mean migraine.

which, by nature of being a migraine, is never little.

it's amazing how one little headache can wipe all the details of your research for a story out of your head. thank goodness for notebooks.

...I could go another cup of coffee right now.

writing is the hardest thing ever.