that feeling when your worldbuilding has become so vast it's technically cosmosbuilding by now

when your royal line gets so unwieldy there's nothing for it but a family tree

that moment when you let yourself go full cyberpunk in your writing and realise that you'll probably need a personal glossary to remember what half these terms mean

just finished a kickwriting hour and have discovered what the 'neon dream plaza' in my story of the same name actually is. I wasn't expecting that...I didn't actually think it was a thing at all, just a random title I picked out of the ether 😂

not caught up on my word count, but...hooray? why not.

today I learned that sore throats and headaches make you less open to the idea of writing anything except microblogs, a startling discovery

😷 as usual, then

I have the odd feeling it's going to be a typical first day of for me -- I'm going to go to bed exhausted because I had so much on today that WASN'T writing 😂 oh well, aim for double tomorrow? or this evening? who knows. it's a lazy kinda NaNo this year.

I quit being a 'professional' writer (whatever that means) at the end of September, and...I've coughed up more writing in the past half month than I have in the past year.


on Twitter I pretend to be a human.
here, I just pretend to be a writer. it's infinitely easier.

new anthology to be released on the 31st~ 😊

not entirely sure where I was going with this, but I think I got there. (but, y'know, poetry. subjective.)

after a 12-hour battle with a migraine (ps: I won), I can still cough up a nice little tanka or two. skizzilz, baby.

"I swore my heart to the Sea, because no monster could take him from me. He is too great, he swallows all fears and makes laughter of all the monster's threats. I swore my heart to the Sea so I wouldn't drown."

I shouldn't really be writing right NOW, with coming up, bu~ut...old habits die hard ;)

"I don't mind that you're a patchwork girl," said the faerie knight. "It makes you different from all the other dolls."

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