who else here uses writing status as a way to gauge , or lack thereof? I've noticed that when I'm really in the thick of it, I can't even muster up the enthusiasm to worldbuild.

I am tired, that is all. also pondering a personal/random account somewhere on (in?) the fediverse, because I'm so over Twitter.

worldbuilding: it's a hell of a drug.

and like quite a few drugs, both incredibly frustrating AND lots of fun. but, uh, you didn't hear that from me.

I don't know what kind of sadist it makes me, giving one set of characters a happy ending and the other a (semi-literally) soul-destroying one in the same story, but hey! Whatever works, right?

I haven't been writing, mostly because I've been thinking about writing...aaaand fashion staples in a certain fictional universe. hm.

oh yes! I have a launch date for , my fiendishly large lifelong project (or at least one I've been working on since I was 15, but who even has a childhood? not this little bun!).

1 October. O-Tsukimi. *cracks knuckles* no loafing. akayoroshi.org/

I don't give a toss what the "real" writing community thinks I should do, or how I should do it, I might note. those days are so very, very over.

but it's still something that's important to me, because I'm so passionate about my current project. I will develop discipline according to my own judgement and limitations, and if it isn't considered the 'right' way to do it...oh well! 😁

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finding the balance between writing as something I need to be disciplined about and something I still want to find enjoyable is...rather fascinating, truth be told

I'm sure there's a happy medium *somewhere*, it's just a matter of finding it...πŸ€”

well...I'm back. πŸ’œ

writing&creating is my life. nobody gets to take it away from me, especially not using a sword of lies.

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