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wrote another tiny story to put in upcoming collection.

it's called: i googled "suicide note" but couldn't come up with a good title

you can read it (and the full book, once it's done!) here:

i am something that comes with your meal

i am something from your past

i am something to do with the house

i am someone who fills your dreams when you wish you were dreaming of her

i am none of these things, i know, i am none of these things

i overflow your toilet and then i call up your parents and tell them to come over so i can watch their expressions through the peep hole when they knock on the door and then realise what they've stepped in

i am always looking to please and i am always looking to please

i am always looking. please.


i am something you keep in your pocket, or else i fit neatly on your keychain. i keep the time and tell it for you when you least want to know

i am the line of scum left in your sink after a year of brushing teeth and brushing hair

i am easy to use and easy to use and i am easy to use

i am an accessory


i am a toy


i am a burden


i am the pain in your head that will not go away and the waitress who drops her platter

i am the lights that grow brighter when you turn off the switch

i am there when you want me

i am there when you don't

i am there when you open your closet and weeks worth of laundry spills out on your floor

>"dude, just use the windows subsystem"
guess i'm just not hip enough to make the jokes these day...

the crinkles in his nose seem to overrun one another, his face receding to point between. he slowly, slowly, rises and you hear the engine starting. you pull the covers back over your head and sob in the dark

"you hide at night, reading lights, television, headphones, there under the covers do you ever think of FUTURE? my now is here, and there is no more"

"but your eyes have grown so old, and they say they want your legs. my father climbed the tree and it came out by the roots. he balanced a bit of meat on your nose and told you to stay, but you just laid down and closed your eyes"

a dream about that dog you've lost
"why would you cry for me?"

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Pls someone go make me a $300M Static Shock movie starring Trevor Jackson

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Today I learned that some trilobites had spines and eyestalks! And lived in Tupperware.

today i learned mpd has a default upper-limit for playlist size. thankfully it's easy to increase

>16384 tracks oughtta be enough for anyone


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