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"Be­fore the war at a lun­cheon party like this peo­ple would have said pre­cisely the same things but they would have sounded dif­fer­ent, be­cause in those days they were ac­com­pa­nied by a sort of hum­ming noise, not ar­tic­u­late, but mu­si­cal, ex­cit­ing, which changed the value of the words them­selves."

"Noth­ing was changed;"

"A woman in the village, that was before this war began said to me one day, they used to laugh gayly before the war she meant 1914 war and since then they have not laughed, they seem to enjoy themselves but they do not laugh, she wondered was it that they had forgotten or that you did not laugh, perhaps she said if there is a whole generation that never heard of war they will laugh. Perhaps not, she said, she realised that it might never again happen that any one would really laugh."

not been writing so much recently, just lots and lots of things going on and feeling a little stagnate.

hoping things will quiet down soon..

a nice tree


scaring everyone away forever, forever

established forever ago

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Robbed

so many worlds and they're all out of reach, going nowhere

caught in a corner caught

life in a desert is life in a box, thousands of miles of emptiness. and, if you try to walk it, 50 miles, you'll drop dead done.

a night so silent nobody is watching

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watching this german movie, guy is being a very powerful man


today is _______


toot: you

cute: also you

also, not even related, but a proposal:

you should spell your name as:
富良神 〇木
and maybe like use a circular tree (a shape something like one of these) as like a background image on personal website or somewhere, if you have one

hormone cycles really are the worst invention though
>"everything is sad and hard, but i can robot through it"
>few weeks later
>"ah gosh, but FEELINGS, though" ;;;_;;; , just