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a nice tree


scaring everyone away forever, forever

established forever ago

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Robbed

so many worlds and they're all out of reach, going nowhere

caught in a corner caught

life in a desert is life in a box, thousands of miles of emptiness. and, if you try to walk it, 50 miles, you'll drop dead done.

a night so silent nobody is watching

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watching this german movie, guy is being a very powerful man


today is _______


toot: you

cute: also you

also, not even related, but a proposal:

you should spell your name as:
富良神 〇木
and maybe like use a circular tree (a shape something like one of these) as like a background image on personal website or somewhere, if you have one

hormone cycles really are the worst invention though
>"everything is sad and hard, but i can robot through it"
>few weeks later
>"ah gosh, but FEELINGS, though" ;;;_;;; , just

>makin' おにぎり for tomorrow's lunch
>"hey, could you grab some 海苔 on your way back home?"
>well, she tried

i mean, it works, i guess

semi sad, people without clothes Show more

semi sad, people without clothes Show more

>eye number left getting over infection
>eye number right picks it up