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essentially anything else you can get is a frontend to ffmpeg

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I'm still phlogging, on the area with "the rest of the sundogs" until SDF is revived.


thanks to @solderpunk for hospitality and gently orienting me.

there's this hovering malaise

a sort of ceiling made from pudding

and on a good day, when i'm feeling, i slowly rise towards it. an upper limit to free breathing and freedom of movement

and at that cut-off i'll slowly sink into it and everything goes dark and suffocating and every movement sluggish and the only thing to do is to drop back down again, the whole way down, hit the floor and be reminded what pain is

and at some point all the energy will be gone, won't it? stuck there looking up

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We've just hit 100k users over on Switter! @AssemblyFour have some super exciting news we'll be announcing in a few days. Stay tuned Switthearts!

@storm no idea about whatever course that is, but book-learning doesn't go much of anywhere. the things that help are
one: write
two: find someone who will force you accountable to part one (which is the bit creative writing courses are good for)

writing is lies, drawings are lies, all of art, book, painting, theatre, film

tradition is lies and culture is lies, myths and aspirations

lies make people human, laughing in the dark

lies and illusions are our world; trying to live without them is nihilism

this is
very bad advice x-x

"Be­fore the war at a lun­cheon party like this peo­ple would have said pre­cisely the same things but they would have sounded dif­fer­ent, be­cause in those days they were ac­com­pa­nied by a sort of hum­ming noise, not ar­tic­u­late, but mu­si­cal, ex­cit­ing, which changed the value of the words them­selves."

"noth­ing was dif­fer­ent save only here I lis­tened with all my ears not en­tirely to what was being said, but to the mur­mur or cur­rent be­hind it. Yes, that was it—the change was there."

"Noth­ing was changed;"

"A woman in the village, that was before this war began said to me one day, they used to laugh gayly before the war she meant 1914 war and since then they have not laughed, they seem to enjoy themselves but they do not laugh, she wondered was it that they had forgotten or that you did not laugh, perhaps she said if there is a whole generation that never heard of war they will laugh. Perhaps not, she said, she realised that it might never again happen that any one would really laugh."

not been writing so much recently, just lots and lots of things going on and feeling a little stagnate.

hoping things will quiet down soon..

what the motivation behind this censorship is i'm not quite sure, other than maybe pleroma admins being less ready to censor people. in other respects the userbases are pretty similar, with a very high percentage of lgbt users, "nerds", and miscellaneous marginalised groups

...that's all for this very-wordy response, though x-x

3. a large percentage of english-speaking mastodon instance admins use blocklists to censor a large percentage of pleroma instances, including the instances the pleroma projects' core developer group use. for example, the first response to your thread here was made by the original pleroma dev but it looks like you never received it.

from a user's perspective, there are three noticeable differences between mastodon and pleroma instances

1. pleroma's default browser interface is very different (though the mastodon interface is also available, so this can be considered as more choice for the user)

2. replies, and not just original posts, show up in timelines (which has the effect of stimulating much more rapid discussion with more participants, since public conversations are made more visible)