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i guess short things get split into multiple along lines that feel nice? and longer things get posted elsewhere and linked to.

haven't used this place much yet, though, honestly

also, cool, looking forward to whatever you post ^_^

was in the homeschooling thing myself, but only until 7th grade, so maybe just wasn't old enough to see whatever structuring there was for higher grades?

that's interesting, though, things moving online.

"large company waits until human is dead, converts human's ideas into money"

i am something that comes with your meal

i am something from your past

i am something to do with the house

i am someone who fills your dreams when you wish you were dreaming of her

i am none of these things, i know, i am none of these things

i overflow your toilet and then i call up your parents and tell them to come over so i can watch their expressions through the peep hole when they knock on the door and then realise what they've stepped in

i am always looking to please and i am always looking to please

i am always looking. please.


i am something you keep in your pocket, or else i fit neatly on your keychain. i keep the time and tell it for you when you least want to know

i am the line of scum left in your sink after a year of brushing teeth and brushing hair

i am easy to use and easy to use and i am easy to use

i am an accessory


i am a toy


i am a burden


i am the pain in your head that will not go away and the waitress who drops her platter

i am the lights that grow brighter when you turn off the switch

i am there when you want me

i am there when you don't

i am there when you open your closet and weeks worth of laundry spills out on your floor

@starbreaker @datatitian
these terms themselves are sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, propping up the barriers anywhere they show signs of falling. "black doesn't work any more because we have all these weird colours, so expand it to people of colour and we can draw a clean boundary again", like a rebirth of the old "one drop of black blood and you're TAINTED". and then anyone who happens to still be in a grey area gets ostracised by both teams. middlegrounds really suck...

@datatitian @starbreaker
mmm, i got where you were going with it.

guess was trying to point out how ridiculous groupings like that can be in
practice, especially now in the US when there are lots of people who are
different shades of in-between but still have to tick one of the little
state-recognised boxes and self-assign a "team to play on" against all the
other slightly-different-visually people.

@starbreaker @datatitian
maybe we need more groupings


>"dude, just use the windows subsystem"
guess i'm just not hip enough to make the jokes these day...

it says "tooooo tough"
and that is all

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