I'm tempted to clean it up a bit over the next few days, hack together a cover, and throw it up on Amazon in my self-published catalog.

With no marketing effort from me, there's a real chance it will be greeted with silence ...

But it feels like a waste to have put in all that effort and have no final product to show for it.

So here's the situation:

I finished writing and editing a novel two years ago. It's literary-ish with a humorous first-person tone.

Spent several months in query mode, sent out hundreds of emails, and had a dozen or so agents interested enough to read the full manuscript.

But none offered to represent the book, so now it's been sitting in my digital cabinet collecting metaphorical dust.

I've since moved on to other writing projects and have little motivation to rework this novel.

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My name is Jonathan Cadotte. I'm an amateur writer who dabbles in everything from short-fiction to essays to blogging to reviews. I'm currently working on my first novel.

You can find my work at

Hello from Minnesota, where we are prepping for 2 weeks of state fair shenanigans and fried food indulgence.

I'm a 30-year-old with a day job in the software world. On the side I'm a self-published author with several books to my name. (Some have even sold double-digit copies!!)

Been off of Twitter for the last few years but looking to find a creative community on the web.

My wife and I are big readers and run the review site bookdigits.com (like Goodreads but better).

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