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A rough, vague, and incomplete voice cast for Mission Critical, based primarily on Vibes:

Emmanuel: Open Mike Eagle
Kuiper*: Awkwafina channeling a Letterkenny character
Arjun*: Vir Das
Aryabhata Singh: Hasan Minhaj channeling a Letterkenny character and his Patriot Act stage presence

*I’d want them to be voiced by trans actors, these are just the moods/timbres to aim for

A fun concept, laser-targeted at @element15 - AIs having a tradition of naming themselves after iconic robots/AIs/programs from throughout history, both real and fictional

Edgelord best buds Heartbleed and Stuxnet

Aibo and Tamagotchi as a cute couple with a very "translucent plastic/iridescent/Y2K" aesthetic

GLaDOS, HAL, and AM in a lovely polycule

I’ll still call them Trilaterals in external discussions, both to avoid spoilers and to avoid confusion

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A new chapter of Stellar Elegy is here! In-universe documents, and the reveal of what the Trilaterals call themselves.

Read from the beginning here:

The beginning of the whole series:

Having fun coming up with ideas for a side-vignette about a Lunar citizen with health issues that keep him down on Earth for most of his life

I love the theme of “trying to participate in a culture shaped by very specific physical forces/constraints that you’ve never felt, with acute senses of how you *should* feel about certain things despite not actually feeling that way”

I’m proud to announce Hallowed Homecoming, the finale of the “Trilateral Trilogy,” coming Eventually!

For now, enjoy these two epigraphs from familiar sources.

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