A new chapter of Mission Critical! Eun Sol's formative experiences in the 'Unified' Republic of Korea.

Read from the beginning here:

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@solarsymposium Rereading this, I really wonder why there wasn't just a train connection all the way across Unity Park. Requiring people to transit Unity Park by another mode of travel makes the naming almost sarcastic. "We are united, but not in ways that promote commuting across the border." Which, after 250 years, is really suspicious. Like if you had to row yourself across the Potomac.

I'm curious how this lack of unification will play out in Eun Sol's schooling.

@ontploffing oh yeah, this was my favorite bitter joke in the whole chapter

I originally introduced it as "Unity Park, a national park that *happened* to have exactly the dimensions of the DMZ" but that just explained the joke too bluntly

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