This chapter is getting quite long and complex, so I’ve made the executive decision to post it in parts. (Not splitting it into multiple chapters, just posting it one narrative chunk at a time, because the loop of getting feedback on it is very good for my brain and will hopefully encourage me to work on the rest more efficiently.)

In this first installment, we meet The Moon Hippies And Their Discontents.

Read from the beginning here:

Another chunk of it is up! Kuiper doubles down on bad decisions.

(Contains offscreen parental death)

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Chunk 3 out of (probably) 4 is here! Kuiper's bad decisions finally culminate, and we get a firsthand look at Martian dysfunction.

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The chapter is FINISHED! Kuiper meets a new friend and gains some new perspective.

I'll be doing a reading of the full chapter on Discord at 9:30 EST (about an hour and a half from posting this)

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@solarsymposium “I’ve never seen an atmospheric sunset, and I’ve only known twenty-four-hour days as a useful metaphor. This feels both too good to be true, and deeply wrong.”

@DialMforMara I'm really happy with that scene, both on its own merits and as a thematic turning point

I love it when poking around to google astronomy facts can create such a great emotional payoff

@solarsymposium it also feels relevant to my situation right now

that moment of going from "I'm trapped and feel like it's my fault" to "I know what i can do and I'm going to do the hell out of it"

(I really hope the knitting machine i ordered works the way I want it to so I can start cranking out socks)

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