Some sketches! I love how you can see the progression of me remembering how to draw people

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(Cast portraits are coming Soon, hopefully! I just need to re-teach myself how to draw a bit)

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Getting back into digital art, having fun with chapter header illustrations

(This chapter works fairly well as a stand-alone story, too)

New project, quite NSFW

This will have ominous philosophical stuff Soon, but for now, enjoy the cybering

I’m having a lot of fun writing an MTG fanfic, “ONLY MOSTLY DEAD: The Multiversal Adventures Of Viktoria Rutstein, Nephalia’s Third-Best Necro-Alchemist”

I recommend it to any fan of charmingly morbid stuff, even if you don’t know the setting; “Basically Bloodborne” will get you most of the way there

The sequel to the Gay Fanfiction Problem: writing about a single person who goes by 'they' interacting with a group

Story idea fragment, fictional death 

I really want to eventually write something featuring a memorial statue for someone full of Messianic fervor who died tragically young, inscribed with only


You may think Alexandria is a huge self-insert, given how I chose the name Alexi for myself after writing most of this, and that’s true, but it’s also a smokescreen for how much Kuiper is *also* an idealized self-insert

Does anyone have recommendations for a good print-on-demand service for a 200-something-page paperback?

I was previously looking at Ka-Blam, but their website is pretty clunky and prone to frustrating bugs

I’ve heard good things about Mixam, but I don’t think they do paperbacks of this size, and their hardcover options are way too expensive

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