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Hello! This is my post, and I figured that I may as well share that I have a new story out on Orca, a Literary Journal. Happy to be here.

Pierce Co., Wisconsin. The Valley Bar sold 1.72 tons of fish through a small window during a two-month span of the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ugh. Here we go… Please be safe out there.

The young, in particular, are vulnerable to the spread of department store headlessness.

I not sending in this story until 11:59 pm on the very last night of the open submission window to avoid the 1-in-4500 possibility (assuming even odds) that my story win that one contest I’ve already submitted it to and should have heard back at least a month ago but its status remains In-progress.

Is 42 Strange on here? On a federated instance?

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You know you’re from the Midwest when you feel angst-ridden for taking bereavement leave from work.

I wonder if all these family guys with LETS GO BRANDON STICKERS AND FLAGS explain what it means to their kids.

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»All 100% free, you just have to register« does not mean it is free. It means you don't have to pay money. Instead you need to read lots of text to understand the actual price. And you will pay with data to the ones mentioned within the text.

I'm waiting for laws that forbid those marketing nonsense and enforce reality like »All for 0, just pay with data which we share with ...«

So, there’s an American Cornhole League, televised. @amwriting

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A reminder for #writing peeps - if you tag your writing related posts with @amwriting they will be boosted by the account. Follow & find other writers!

#amwritingscifi (<-- what I'm currently working on)

Let's get a community conversation going!

Boosts appreciated!

Getting lost in a story isn’t the same as escaping your reality.

About to jump into a meeting with members from Europe, South America, and Asia and convince them that I don't come from a crazy place and that yes, Kevlar school bags are a thing.

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