As I wrote about recently on @matt (, I'm spending my spare time thinking about a new private communication tool that helps me keep in touch with people better.

Right now, it's looking like it'll be a new email client.

Biggest ideas are:

- An "inbox" interface that's more about people than messages
- Deeper classification for contacts, meant for categorizing users, customers, contributors, potential customers
- Better message organization meant to facilitate more timely responses and general customer support

Beyond that, there's plenty of room for integrations, e.g. issue trackers we use at @write_as (Phabricator / GitHub) and other comm platforms

For the inbox UI, current idea is a chat-like "buddy list" -- the focus is on names of people who've emailed, not subject lines. This is just like , but actual message composition will still reflect classic email -- long-form instead of short chat messages.

I think the MVP will include a subset of actual Inbox messages only from important contacts. Once usable, I imagine I'll use this new tool in conjunction with my current email workflow -- scan and triage in my current standard email client, and do the actual work / communication with this new tool.

The "inbox" will be sorted on a few different dimensions, making it more of a prioritized to-do list than a normal message inbox.

I'd like the sorting algorithm to be entirely flexible / customizable for everyone. For me, it'll involve a combination of "importance" or priority for a given person, plus recency and category of request.

This is the single question I need the software to answer for me daily: Who do I respond to first?


@matt I'd love an Airtable or Tweet Deck for email that has multiple, savable views.

@steven_ovadia Nice, for sure. What kind of views do you think you'd keep with a tool like that?

@matt Flexibility. To set a view, maybe save it for a few days, and then trash it when the need ends. But you can easily toggle between saved searches and sorts without having to undo everything each time.

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