I've been parsing my RSS feeds down to things that excite me and not things that I feel I should read. I've also been unsubscribing from newsletters that I don't want to open right away. It's a good move for me.

@steven_ovadia That's a much more mindful approach than mine. Lately, unsubscribing looks like this for me: a long dormant feed suddenly becomes active again, and after a moment of excitement about this development, I realize that a spammer has taken over the domain and I need to drop the feed from my collection.

@steven_ovadia AKA focus on what's important. It's a good principle in general!

@steven_ovadia I have a big folder of RSS feeds called 'The Fence' that I haven't deleted yet but mark all as read without guilt unless I'm really bored.

@twodimes That's interesting! I'm mostly just trying to eliminate mental clutter right now so I've destroyed my fence....

@steven_ovadia haha I get it. Undeleted a bunch of emails this morning so I could actually unsubscribed. Some days I read the fence rather than work. Other days I just delete it as backlog...

@steven_ovadia That is really healthy.
I have also been changing from newsletters and platforms to RSS feeds to the extent it is possible to be an active consumer, not a passive receiver.
My RSS reader will put notifications on the feeds I need to keep an eye on, and the rest will just land there.

@mjjzf That's really the genius of RSS isn't it? I'm also evaluating just what I 'need' to know.

@steven_ovadia Yes. And just to pull in the opposite direction of all the data harvesting.

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