I was thinking about getting a netbook since my Thinkpad is a bit heavy to carry. But they don't make many netbooks, and even fewer that aren't Chromebooks. I landed on a used X260. Psyched to get it.

Amazing move for me. I'm so glad I did it. Handling Ubuntu like a champ!

@steven_ovadia I did actually made a decent Linux laptop from a used Chromebook. It is still working, some 6 years later.

@jtr I looked into that but I wasn't sure to what extent I could wipe ChromeOS versus just working around it with Crouton.

@steven_ovadia you should check out golumn os (I think that's what it's called). It's meant for Chromebooks and the idea is to wipe chrome os completely. Might require some hardware tinkering, which is what it did (you need to remove a screw in there to get around the secure boot).

After that you can run it like other debian distros with xfce desktop etc.

@jtr very cool! I didn't know you could pave over Chrome. And if I ever make a distro, I'm calling it GolemOS!

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