Five morning rituals to increase productivity:

1) Face North, thrice chant "inbox zero"
2) Face South, thrice chant "bullet journal"
3) Face East, thrice chant "pomodoro"
4) Face West, thrice chant "soylent"
5) Throw your head back to the sky and roar "PRODUCTIVITY"

@Robincamille Seems like just enough time for an airport snow globe expose! Sorry about your flight 😞

@ben This looks amazing. I just joined! I'm glad they made the goal, too.

@vickysteeves Xfce is great! Simple but also configurable, if you're so inclined. Xubuntu is pretty perfect.

since the #tumblr stuff is happening, and it's friday, here's some folks you should follow:

@acw if they ever post again
who might be dead
@jk if you don't follow you're not real

keep in mind i only follow very good and hot people, no losers, so you should just follow everyone i follow

#followfriday #ff

Do you use any RSS feed aggregator? :RSS:
Which one?

Hot take: no resident of Queens should ever have to pay for Amazon Prime again.

Hotter take: no one born in Queens should ever have to pay for Amazon Prime again.

Hottest take: I shouldn't have to pay for Amazon Prime.

@lowbrow You also can't really edit on it! I'm sort of obsessed with it. It's so expensive and does so little.

@danriggins I did because I have a newborn! I usually do, though. I had the flu once and it was awful.

@scottnesbitt totally agree! I can't be present and real-time tweet. I also find that without social media, I'm processing rather than reacting.

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