@mpmilestogo Have a restful break but I'm another fan who looks forward to your return! But recharge!

@InBabel I hear what you're saying but I think, on some level, many/some people there get it's all rage and anger and get something out of that.

@InBabel I just popped in here from over there because this morning felt especially toxic.

Whenever I'm caught up on writing I don't know what to do. Hence this toot.

So there's still 3x matching funds left but only for the next 14 new @conservancy supporters! If you're waiting to donate now's the time! Just 1 day left in 2019! Totally unrelatedly, did you know that December's stressful for folks who work at nonprofits? sfconservancy.org/supporter/

Lining up my 2020 writing projects and already feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Maybe I should stick to surprising myself with deadlines?

@wion omg. Pine nuts are worth more than gold! That was an amazing heist! Celebratory pesto?

@jakelacaze I once read something along the lines of writing through the 10,000 words of garbage to get to the good stuff, so I now look at the struggle as getting me that much closer to the reward

good post about how nerd communities' mass-adoption of the closed and proprietary Discord platform will inevitably lead to the long-term loss of (or loss of access to) mountains of special-interest group knowledge and community history


"TLDR; It is not a very future-proof way of knowledge-building & archiving at all."

see also:

@lowbrow The Waterman's is solid but the jar is the real treat!

@lowbrow Waterman is out? Because it's erasable? That's my daily driver

Me: I need to leave in two minutes. This is an appropriate time to update a machine you haven't used in months.

My old machine: Hahaha! Zzzzzzzz


@jakelacaze For me, it's done when I'm completely sick of it and never want to see it again.

@jakelacaze @lowbrow I've been hard-core since I saw this exhibit on Thoreau, who was amazingly dedicated to journaling: themorgan.org/exhibitions/thor

BTW, @jakelacaze, I loved your memory/journaling blog post. It was fantastic.

@bryanalexander @dajbelshaw don't give up, but finding your community here takes time. It's much more gradual than Twitter

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