We're moving our books and bookshelves. I'm so glad to be a cataloger who doesn't keep their personal collection in much order.

@mark Crouton? I just learned you can sometimes pave over ChromeOS, too.

I just went for online training and the platform, WebEx training, doesn't support Linux, which shocked me. I haven't run into that issue in years. So long ago that I didn't even bother to test access before the webinar.

@amcooper Here too! Haven't seen them myself yet but they're definitely around

@mark I try to wait for Bandcamp Fridays so it feels more like a donation than buying music....

@mark I love that we get a reboot every fall. It's scary and energizing

Another one giving up on self hosting email.
I also have my 'fun' hosting it, but for me it still works reasonably well. Carlos, who wrote the article, is apparently hosting for a forum or such, and it became unbearable.

@Natanox @globalc @Tutanota I could *possibly* live with the zero-tolerance blacklist if it worked. But spam is still an issue.

Amazing move for me. I'm so glad I did it. Handling Ubuntu like a champ!

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death of a important person 

Do you know HTTPS Everywhere or LetsEncrypt? One, if not the head behind it was Peter Eckersley. He has done a lot for the security of our internet.

He just died rather suddenly.

Raise a glass for him today evening. You owe him one.

via @qbi @evacide

So, for whatever reason, gpg-suite on my personal Mac is giving me hell this morning (crashes when I open the key manager). I give up. Just removed it and replaced it with gnupg and pinentry-mac. No more signing emails (not that anyone will notice)

@jtr very cool! I didn't know you could pave over Chrome. And if I ever make a distro, I'm calling it GolemOS!

@jtr I looked into that but I wasn't sure to what extent I could wipe ChromeOS versus just working around it with Crouton.

I was thinking about getting a netbook since my Thinkpad is a bit heavy to carry. But they don't make many netbooks, and even fewer that aren't Chromebooks. I landed on a used X260. Psyched to get it.

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