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@jakelacaze For me, it's done when I'm completely sick of it and never want to see it again.

@jakelacaze @lowbrow I've been hard-core since I saw this exhibit on Thoreau, who was amazingly dedicated to journaling:

BTW, @jakelacaze, I loved your memory/journaling blog post. It was fantastic.

@bryanalexander @dajbelshaw don't give up, but finding your community here takes time. It's much more gradual than Twitter

Very excited to be interviewed for The Plain Text Project:
It's essential reading if you want to hear me go on about document formatting, which, sadly, is one of my passions.

@jakelacaze I forgot it was 12 weeks, too. I mostly liked the morning pages concept.

@jakelacaze it's amazing. But she has a concept called Morning Pages, where you journal three pages in the morning, to kind of empty your brain. It's a book about making art and the morning pages help to get the art out.

@jakelacaze I feel like handwritten journaling has changed my brain for the better. Have you read The Artist's Way?

Wow! I really love the simplified Mastodon web interface! I just noticed the option from the Patreon email.

@wion If you're in the US, your library might subscribe to Freegal (, which lets you stream and download a certain amount of music each week. It's not everything but there's a lot of interesting stuff. I find tons of stuff to DL each week.

@solitarywalker Is it possible you ordered a sandwich to go, nesting doll style?

Heard Lately #5: Leo “Bud” Welch-The Angels In Heaven Done Signed My Name review: "If this had been billed as a Welch/Auerbach side project/band, I’d love this album to death."

This video is amazing:

Screenwriter Emily Carmichael writes a scene on-camera in 7 minutes and then revises. Huge insights into her process.

Found via the always-amazing Brass Ring Daily:

I hate that person eating smelly food in the coworking space because he looks just like me and has the same computer as me and ... oh wait. Never mind.

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