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It's so weird how the keep re-retiring numbers. I think they need a new word other than retire.

Finally finished my two blog posts on why I’m weaning myself away from Twitter in favour of Mastodon:

What’s wrong with Twitter?

What is Mastodon and why should I use it?

if you're new and worried about your follower numbers, don't! mastodon is more about the community and having fun with your friends. you can drop the toxic thought process where you viewed yourself as a brand on Twitter.

Use your local and federated timelines! Talk to people if something catches your eye! Don't gamify the experience here, be considerate. Think about being part of the local & federated community instead of figuring out how to go viral. Mastodon is super fun without those habits.

LIBRARIANS OF MASTODON (freakin' killer punk band name, by the way):

Check out Trunk, a list of Mastodon lists on Community Wiki! They've got lists of different people to follow on Mastodon but the GLAM lists are either pretty short or non-existent. Hit up the Wiki and get added to the list(s) of your choice!

#librarylife #libraries #GLAM #mastodon #lists

Here’s an idea: form a voluntary “Fediverse Code” that limits the size of instances to a small number. Say 100 or, at most 1,000. Any instances larger than that size are blocked.

The mega-instances we have today, like .social, voluntarily agree to cull their numbers over a period of time; aiding the migration to other instances.

The fediverse is already hugely centralised and unless we do something about it, it will be ruled by a handful of feudal lords/Mini-Jacks.

CC @Gargron

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@aminb Please add me to Librarians, Linux, Music, New York City.

I'm still looking for people to follow here. Hacker News had an interesting thread about . Not just neat people but also a nice discussion of the Mastodon concept:

I'd be ok if instead of showing live , the just showed 2010 or

and coaching American football have very little in common except for the importance of clock management

@Gargron I have an idea to fix that! Maybe we could add Mardown so people would stop asking for it :thinknyan: ?

@nightpool @matilde

I have taken a conscious decision to turn off notifications for boosts & favourites: the birdsite has programmed us to write content and then see how popular it is but we should not be writing content to be loved, at least i don't. I am here to have interesting discussions, to learn from others and to share what I believe is interesting or might be of interest.

"The end of Ego-boosting" :flan_think:

Think it's time to go back to blogging and long form. Twitter and Mastodon just encourage dopamine nasty hits. Get angry about this tweet, hate that screencap (seriously, we're back to screencapping shit already?), uh oh that person said the wrong thing, let's get the pitchforks oiled up.

I've done all this stuff myself, and and I've seen all this stuff everyday from others. I'm still sick of it.

#Mastodon #homework!

Once a day, pull up the local timeline and look for toots from newbs, and reply to them.

Win-win: makes people feel welcome and you feel warm and fuzzy for being nice to them.

I've been working on my handwriting recently and it's starting to make me wish we could do social networking via the mail.

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