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I actually in another thread referred to Oasis as "British Nickleback"

@fosstodon I just got some anti-queer slurs sent to one of my users

Will that account on your instance be suspended?

Just read about BSD user stories by @romanzolotarev at @steven_ovadia. Cool and for sure interesting read for #BSD guys out there

I know the blowing things up without a plan is devastating for the fans, but as someone who listens to sports talk while feeding a very slow eater, it's been a real gift to me.

Five morning rituals to increase productivity:

1) Face North, thrice chant "inbox zero"
2) Face South, thrice chant "bullet journal"
3) Face East, thrice chant "pomodoro"
4) Face West, thrice chant "soylent"
5) Throw your head back to the sky and roar "PRODUCTIVITY"

Do you use any RSS feed aggregator? :RSS:
Which one?

Hot take: no resident of Queens should ever have to pay for Amazon Prime again.

Hotter take: no one born in Queens should ever have to pay for Amazon Prime again.

Hottest take: I shouldn't have to pay for Amazon Prime.

A mastodon fork where toots could be categorized as "publications", "presentations", "posters", "updates", etc. That would be a #ResearchGate killer

Mastodon: Mastodon is better because instead of algorithmic moderation real humans build and maintain the community with personal, human decision-making and arbitration in disputes

Also Mastodon: This week you’ll be followed by the same 20 people again from a new instance as they again got angry that a human moderator mistakenly made the wrong decision, made the right decision but only after reversing the wrong one, or took too long to make the right decision.

Upon further reflection Mastodon feels a lot like early Tumblr, before ads and spambots and "featured content", except with higher barriers to profile customization and fewer inspirational quotes overlaid on nature backgrounds

This is such a lovely piece about the joy and agony of writing (and of politics...)

I love pre-season hockey because it's such a mix of vets and guys I've never heard of.

I just posted this album review and I really liked the Jung stuff I managed to cram in: (glad I read a Very Short Introduction to Jung!)

"Part of the process of writing is not so much to explain your vision but to discover it. I think that’s what you do when you write: You find out what you think." ―Robert Towne

I really appreciate makers who talk about having full-time jobs:

I feel like a lot of artist/writers won't admit to not being able to live off of their creative work. It feels healthy to hear the honesty.

Social media should just skip all this "oh is this account a bot?" confusion & go straight to the endgame: have every single post be an unedited video of the author delivering their message while holding a copy of today's newspaper.


sometimes I go to my spam folder and imagine I'm the luckiest person in the world.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains is 52. That makes me feel so ridiculously old.

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