Holy shit, Ari Aster. Midsommar is not nearly as terrifying as Hereditary, but when it comes to unsettling situations, it’s almost there.

"Batman Returns juxtaposes Batman and the Penguin, by presenting Oswald Cobblepot as a freak who aspires towards a life of wealth and privilege in contrast to Bruce Wayne as a “gold-plated bachelor” who wants nothing more than to be a freak. There’s a perverse poignancy to this interpretation of the character, a tenderness distinct from other approaches to Batman."


Great article on Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman and Tim Burton's movies.

Hello, strangers. I'm Ana Rosa, a brazilian young writer, who buy more books than can read - as any normal person does. Training my english, sorry for any mistakes. :)

I work as copywriter freelancer, and I'm currently studying archetypes, storytelling and tarot (?), for some side projects. Oh, and writing a fiction about angels, humans and all the things between.

I also have another "me" on mastodon, for general things. Thank you for accepting me here. Ahoy.

I was just reading this... skull.website/@swirlz/10437662

And it made me think of how a lot of the horror in Peter Watts' novels comes just from things in biology that we don't generally know or normally don't think about.

thinkin about ghost plants

Monotropa uniflora - it grows white and can grow in darkness cause its a PARASITE and it uses fungus in the soil as a host to receive nutrients because it does not do photosynthesis on its own

RIP Sir Ian Holm, the unlikeliest actor to star in multiple David Cronenberg movies.

As a place for writing and a better common understanding, we're going to lift more voices of Black writers and bloggers. Share some of your favorites here and we'll boost them.

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As we've always taken a stand against state surveillance, we stand now against state violence — especially as it's inflicted disproportionately on the Black community. We stand with those seeking justice for the brutality committed by our unjust system.

The acting in "I, Tonya" helps lift it beyond a Scorsese knock-off:


Kudos to Sebastian Stan in particular - he disappeared into Jeff Gillooly. Sadly, it's not a showy performance, so got zero recognition for it.

Hello world!

Quick introduction... I write about movies, games, books, and media in general at Strangevistas.com. It's an eclectic set of articles, ranging from anime to science fiction books to whatever B movie I've just become enamored with.


I used to publish stuff on Tumblr, until they started censoring people, then dumped them:


Looking forward to some discussion here!

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