So, I often update my posts maybe twice a day, so I wonder if it is shown again on the read as page forum thingy.

Posts on the blog btw

"My rap career is non-existent...It's going nowhere..."

"What rap career?!"

"Exactly" is said internally, as the single tear slowly traverses the cheek. Whilst turning and looking back at the camera.

Why's it so much easier writing daily stuff about my extremely boring day, than it is to write long form about ideas and concepts.


Today's been such a long day. Literally so drained. I have no motivation to write today's post but I'll try to

What's the difference in having

When life gives you chocolate, make lemonade

Finally added read more thing on all my posts, I also discovered something cool with html tags, so I edited h1 to h2 for the opening and the closing automatically changed which I thought was cool.

I want to see how to customise the layout and colour of posts or knowing me I won't lol

So I've been reading up on different features of, and I've been checking out loads of blogs and whatnot, so I think I'm definitely thinking about the look and feel. I'm also someone who looks a clean simple look, so we'll see. But today I finally implemented <!--more--> so I'll work on including that in all my posts.

It's so weird that I need updates for my updates lol

You know where to find me :D

I started this as a means to get the wider audience of writing exchange to read, and ultimately engage with my works. But honestly I've been such a lazy basket that writing daily and I'm already tired (worst of all I haven't even started any of my other writing projects!) But I hope to become consistent across the board.

Damn too much word limit!

Check me out

Bit of a shameless plug, but do follow for random crap about my day, to be be fair it's not all that interesting but follow away

Hi all, new to this, I'm trying to search for an account to follow but nothing is showing up need help :(

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