Knowledge is required to extract specific behavior from a system. This specific behavior could be as simple as creating a boat out of a tree. Knowledge is the pathway to value, as value is goods or services and knowing how to make a boat out of a tree is valuable. It is a requirement to have the information needed to replicate the specific behavior in order to extract a desired outcome from a system. The information is the value caught in a

Bitcoin is an information system that permeates value. To study such a system is to master a craft that enables permission-less knowledge permeation. There is a major incentive for you to study Bitcoin. By doing so, you will unlock the ability to store and transmit wealth digitally without any central point of failure, trust or identification.


At the same time, you are increasing your knowledge of the system, allowing you to permeate value out of the system, while also enabling you to better utilize the system. It is a feedback loop of self-empowerment.

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