Bitcoin is not democracy; I cannot submit my official 'desire of change' to any coordinating political office. In this way, it is a headless entity; a fog that is engulfing the attention economy. It cannot be bribed, there is no leader to assassinate.


It is peer to peer. Bitcoin is the Panama Canal for trust between digital parties. Trust between two people and solely those two without anybody else having any say in their communication. This is purifying the cooperation between value (self interest) and language (self reason)

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You are an information system Your friend is an info system Bitcoin is an info system Censorship hinders knowledge gained of a system, which hinders utilizing that system, which hinders breaking that system, which hinders growth. Censorship is rampant and implanted in life.

Censorship can even be an act of timing. A block with sufficient confirmations is recorded in every BTCnode. If it was somehow confirmed only in "some nodes" then there's possible censorship. We grow in unison or not at all.

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