Censorship can even be an act of timing. A block with sufficient confirmations is recorded in every BTCnode. If it was somehow confirmed only in "some nodes" then there's possible censorship. We grow in unison or not at all.

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You are an information system Your friend is an info system Bitcoin is an info system Censorship hinders knowledge gained of a system, which hinders utilizing that system, which hinders breaking that system, which hinders growth. Censorship is rampant and implanted in life.

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It is peer to peer. Bitcoin is the Panama Canal for trust between digital parties. Trust between two people and solely those two without anybody else having any say in their communication. This is purifying the cooperation between value (self interest) and language (self reason)

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Bitcoin is not democracy; I cannot submit my official 'desire of change' to any coordinating political office. In this way, it is a headless entity; a fog that is engulfing the attention economy. It cannot be bribed, there is no leader to assassinate.

That database of hallucinations mirrors and refracts your thoughts in response to the stimuli your senses report in realtime. Plot these cognitive functions like a map and learn your own programming. Understand what incentivizes your truest form. Project that energy in words.

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Regardless of what peers tell you, your voice is valuable because it is reason with a past. Nobody has your perspective, nor can anyone fathom understanding you to your fullest, because of your unique past. That database of hallucinations is YOU. Multiply and express.

At the same time, you are increasing your knowledge of the system, allowing you to permeate value out of the system, while also enabling you to better utilize the system. It is a feedback loop of self-empowerment.

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Bitcoin is an information system that permeates value. To study such a system is to master a craft that enables permission-less knowledge permeation. There is a major incentive for you to study Bitcoin. By doing so, you will unlock the ability to store and transmit wealth digitally without any central point of failure, trust or identification.

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Knowledge is required to extract specific behavior from a system. This specific behavior could be as simple as creating a boat out of a tree. Knowledge is the pathway to value, as value is goods or services and knowing how to make a boat out of a tree is valuable. It is a requirement to have the information needed to replicate the specific behavior in order to extract a desired outcome from a system. The information is the value caught in a en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_.

Apostle and prophet
Toss all and profit
Still tryna decide if you
Fossils are worth it
Frost all and cursed it
Lost all from worst hit

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After exploring the wildlife (safely behind my keyboard), I'm now convinced there's no one living in Australia

It's all just killer birds and spiders who've learned to write and use Photoshop. They're trying to lure tourists to eat them

@cassolotl cryptographic verification through services such as keybase.io are possibly towards the right direction.

Back from work. Learned about economic collapse while on my break.

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@UberActivist@cybre.space Can they be from Craigslist



Do they have to be human

Greetings I am back from work
and am
cuddling with my cat


Mine Monero for me in your browser and help me buy sustenance :D

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