I went back to school last year and all of my writing pretty much stopped in its tracks. I graduate this semester, though, so hopefully I can get more writing done after that's over. Time will tell.

venting about fic writing 

So in I need to have Ron and Draco have an argument and end up, if not friends, at least in a truce. But I have no idea how to *start* the argument. Ugh. This shouldn't be so tricky; it's Draco and Ron, for Merlin's sake!


Finally migrated my poetry/lyrics off tumblr. It's so much nicer having my own site, especially since tumblr is... let's not mince words. Tumblr is a bad platform. And I outright don't trust them to play nice with my content, either legally or technically.

introduction, long-ish 

Hullo! I'm Alana, a queer enby in ver 30s living in the American Southwest. I write poetry, songs, and fiction of both the original and fandom varieties. Occasionally I'll write some code, too; I was a programmer in a past life, and those neural pathways are sticky.

Most of my work can be found on my website: arcanotech.com
My fanfic (all 1 of them so far) is on AO3: archiveofourown.org/users/chao

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