hello, I'm looking to connect with other poets and short fiction writers. I'm an unschooled amateur keen on getting other people into the joy of writing and creative work. i might post some stuff on here every now and then.

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Hey @thunder, glad to have you here! The more and the better <3

There are plenty of us here on the but you can search for either of the above tags to find folks outside. Don't forget to tag relevant toots too, so others can see you in the rain.

@thunder Heya some of us post under

(this post is unlisted so it doesn't show up under any of the tags)

@maloki thanks for the info! it can be hard to find what tags people are posting under on mastodon as a newbie so i appreciate it ^^


Some also use #SmallPoems as what might be called "fitting" for a word-limited space...not that all who use the hashtag probably love to #Pun as much as others of us.


@thunder I'm not on social media much either. I keep up my blog, though! BTW, hi.

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