Hello! Here’s my - I’m a climate sci-fi author hoping to connect with other authors across Mastodon. 🌎

Relics of Dawn is a climate sci-fi adventure I wrote for our changing world. In it, an act of creation… begins with destruction.

@timetoscience Hello, welcome! Goodness, aren't you the finished product? :-D There may be a little envy amongst the other writers here...

Would you share something that one wouldn't find in the blurb? What challenges does the protagonist face?

@wordsmith Thank you! I’ve been at it a couple years and am having a lot of fun.

Something you won’t find in the blurb, let’s see… Kaia’s whole life has been dedicated to the Dawn Project and to the Head Councilor in particular. The story is about more than how far she’ll need to go to stop climate, it is about how an event from her past determined the path she took into adulthood, and what happens to her identity, her worldview, when the real truth of that event comes to light.

@timetoscience Oh this is sounding more and more up my street the more I read about it! Thanks for sharing :-)

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