What’s the Mastodon of news readers? Apple and a Google news serve up too much watered down clickbait-y articles. I want longer form, deeper insights, and definitely less politics.

@timetoscience Have you tried an RSS reader? There are free options. But I use Newsblur to follow blogs, subreddits, YouTube channels I'm interested in . . .

@jakel1828 I have but it’s been awhile, maybe time to give them a shot again! My experience was it took a lot of time to curate and also many feeds push a bunch of noise or sponsored articles more than the big outlets.

@timetoscience They do take time to curate. And you can get some noise.

With Newsblur, keyboard shortcuts help me cut through posts I don't care about. "N" for new posts, "M" to mark as read/unread.

For me, an RSS reader is worth the effort because of the control it gives me.

@timetoscience I use Feedly and curate my feeds through there. For the real curation, you need to go the paid route, but it's worth it (in my experience).

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