The best YT thumbnails are the eXtReME ones of like a snarling wolfdogbear laying next to a sleeping baby and the caption is like; “Pet RatHellPig Protects Infant [so sweet]”

I *wanted* to believe there was a point, or even a summary towards the end - but I was let down, having wasted three minutes of my life.

I just read about 250 words that said nothing. Like there was an elusive ASSUMPTION that there would be a point to the “story”, but in the end it made no point, made no sense. Why do this?

Them: “Cardinals don’t lose on Sunday”

Me: “and I don’t care seven days a week. Shush!”

It would be a lot like being a sports fan, now that I think about it!

Watching Breaking Bad is the television equivalent to listening to Foo Fighters.

Yea, you’ll make a lot of friends, but they will all be sickeningly lame people with zero taste

(And then they retreat back to their Breaking Bad cult and watch reruns and get high and do chemistry and LIVE THE LIFE)

Them: “BuT iT’s ThE bEsT sHoW eVeR!!!”

Me: “well I guess I just lost all my clout in YOUR eyes! Time to throw myself off a mountain!”

When I tell someone I never saw Breaking Bad and have no desire to and they treat me like a pariah who eats worms at birthday parties

I wish I were an illustrator, or an artist, or something of this ilk

Church bells singing in the distance. Religion sucks, but their architecture is p cool

The first 2 or 3 glorious hours after Bieber uploads a YT video, and, for a brief time, you have more views on your vlog than BIEBER does on a Hot New Track ™️

Broccoli fries are good. Bad for you because they are pure breading and grease, but TASTE good

I pay for a “nanode” running Ubuntu, and I guess that’s all well and good - but it SOUNDS like I know what I am doing and I most certainly do NOT. I need a book rec to figure these things out. Thank you again

Question: does anyone have any book recommendations on how a cloud server works for a TOTAL NOOB like me? I have tried and tried to google (DuckDuckGo) an explanation but page after page is just some one-off server farm trying to sell me their service with no explanation of what it DOES and HOW it WORKS! Thanks in advance :)

I am making something cool. Happy about it and the process with which I am making it :)

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