Strive to be a well read person – Collection 2
For this collection, we stayed small in volumen, but great in content.

Self Help: Life Lessons from the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al SnowNOS4A2

I have previously both read and seen "Horns" by Joe Hill, and I've heard great reviews of NOS4A2. It also very much keeps me in the proverbial family with Joe being the son of Stephen King.

It may not be widely

A Study of 3.5M Books Found Women Are Described by Their Looks and Men by Their Vices or Virtues | The Digital Reader

Gees. I guess we're responsible for that.

For all -based : the other day I discovered someone's made an AppImage of the last version of Scrivener to be released for Linux. I've been using it for the last few days, and while a few years old, it works great and the AppImage should ensure it stays stable for years to come.

While I've been happy using other tools for outlining and drafting, I've never really found a tool so well-suited for editing. Thrilled to have stumbled on this.

Check it out here:

How is everyone? I'm alive, but not tootin' much

Not really happy that I likely need to replace a motherboard on my laptop but at list it's not my MacBook Air so I can actually replace parts myself

Strive to be a well read person – Collection 1
As every good writer should know and all beginning writers should learn, to read is to write.

You should be well read to also write well.

Thus I am starting this post series, named "Strive to be a well read person", in which I will highlight book purchases I make. Each will have an accompanying GoodReads link. Feel free to ad
-collection -purchases

Anybody want to share your experience, turning your writing into an audiobook-podcast. I'd sure like to hear from the trenches, how it went, what the results were?

I started a Check it out at

@Whaxion sorry to hear about the server loss. I'm a recent signup but also a web developer so I know how that goes. Just resigned up for go #2

I will never understand people who take me seriously.

Went for a long walk this afternoon. realized it was near 90F out after I was done. Thankfully I brought water with me the whole way.

Little kids in public places have a way of driving me to heavily drink whatever's in front of me. Coffee? No problem, ignore the burning. Whiskey? You'll be fine eventually tomorrow. House plant? Prepare to have your chest burst later as it continues growing in you.

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