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And so she moved on. Sometimes for no better reason than because she didn't like the view from the coffee shop. This time it was just a feeling that the beach side town was too quiet in the winter, and she was looking for some work to stretch her arms. So she cashed her mincome, bought a train ticket up north and fell in with a brand new makerspace setting up in an old sawmill. It was freezing, but the first thing they built were small rooms inside the giant building that they could easily heat.

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Programmer friends: Many of us have deeply-ingrained habits of making fun of whichever languages, tools, OSes, etc we don't personally use. Please don't. I highly recommend reading Aurynn Shaw's essay on "Contempt Culture", which I have to revisit myself periodically:

Also, the post-copyright stuff doesn't have any medical issues behind it, just in case anyone was worried ;) It's been a good year... Almost two.

This week I'm reading Raymond Chandler and feeling oddly like I missed my chance to be a hard-boiled detective because I just stopped drinking, instead of because ALL THE OTHER THINGS.

Reading ebooks always reminds me of the hospital. I've spent a lot of nights sitting by bedsides reading on this thing... Nearly every full price book on here has a medical story behind it.

A birdsite thread on writing Indigenous characters, bookmarked here for myself as much as anything -

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I want a series of Fred Rogers for President campaign ads. The Cabinet is sitting in the President's briefing room, outlining today's crises and concluding with a plea: "Mr. President, what do we do?" Everyone turns to the head of the table where an old TV and VCR turn on, and as the CRT warms up the VCR fast-forwards to a clip from "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" that covers exactly this situation. In one corner a general starts quietly weeping tears of joy, realizing that sharing is an option…

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Went out walking last night and hit this, about 200m up the road. Yesterday was a windy day ;)

I've decided my default reaction to bullying will be "That's a very small minded way to look at the world."
Trying to figure out how to intervene in different kids disagreements...
But it also applies in general ;)

I once owned a car with power steering OR power brakes. You had to pick. If you tries to brake and turn at the same time it would stall.

Sometimes I miss having unecessary challenges in my life ;)

Took the train yesterday morning. That bumping looking ice sheet is the accessibility platform ;)

I like the federated timeline and I see why they did it that way... I've also found lots of people in the federated feed. But I also want a custom timeline of the full feeds of instances that just I pick. Hm. Not sure if that's a solveable UI problem or a larger structural problem.

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Life closes a door,
smash the window in. Tell life
I’ll come and go as I want.
Tell life I have more bricks where
that came from, I’m not afraid
of things breaking, what I am saying
is that I am used to breaking and
you don’t scare me, I refuse
to sit in this house, waiting
for a door to open. Like a cat
I’ll shred the sofa and climb the
walls. I’ll ruin this house
and sleep on the balcony
under the stars.

#poetry #corvusrobotica #mastoart