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Knee deep in sewage on a Friday morning, trying to remember if the nut driver I had just dropped was the only one left on site, or if I could write it off and avoid having to feel around for it in the slurry I was standing in.

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program idea: instead of scrubbing metadata, replace it with completely random and weird metadata

like, this was shot in greenland on 1986-08-12 using a model of camera that only exists in fiction

I just saw a mention of how people built dams to prevent flooding but without that release the water levels are even higher downstream where people have to make stronger and higher dams to prevent increased damage which leads to even higher and stronger flow downstream.

Anyway it feels like a metaphor so I'm keeping it here until I figure for what exactly.

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a mastodon instance for refractory materials repairers who like roller derby

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Another genderless insult you can use at a malfunctioning program 


On a similar note - good cops reacting to bad cops by quitting, leaving only bad and indifferent cops.
Downward spiral? No, applies but doesn't have the right fit - not precise enough I think. I want a phrase more for the feedback loop.

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Glad to see Starbucks unionizing but my local is a 20 year old co-op and just expanded again so <3

What term am I looking for - the tendency towards success for the worst people, and the best to select themselves out?
Eg. Politics, Twitter fame, C-suite level business success....

I was going for 'adverse selection' but that's already has a slightly different definition in economics, about information asymmetries. I'm thinking of something closer to systemic racism, but just against good, moral people of any kind.

It's Bike Month. Time for me to advocate that 1/3rd of the city should be limited to 30kmh and also open to license free lightweight electric vehicles.
Just realized municipal elections are coming up and accepting candidates now. Maybe I should be a mess in public.

I've been looking at jobs and it's somewhat disheartening to see the number of marketing roles - I was hoping to add MORE to the world, not less.

The United States is one of those charter schools that claims they're the best and anything else would be failing your children, then they just do the shittiest job of teaching and expel anyone who doesn't keep up.

For my own reference:

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Standing at the riverbank, looking out on my water - steaming, stagnant, silent. But before I dropped the sheets of glass to box it in, that fucker downstream would steal it from me every day.
A river without walls is nothing more than anarchy.

I still badly want a channel where I follow a handful of chosen instances....

I'm looking for a new web page. I kinda want my own topically grouped Pinterest, so I'm taking a swing on

Mainly fucking Republicans, obviously. But Democrats seems to be just following them around the house pointing at the fires and saying "Don't set fires" instead of putting out the fire then hitting the arsonists with the fire extinguisher.

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I remember watching some old home inspection shows where they would point to some bow in the wall as evidence of foundation problems and note that the house was built in a 3 year period where new wiring styles were allowed but before they amended the law to block bad styles. I love that stuff. Watch out for problems, fix them early, pay attention.

It's what I want from my politicians.

When I hear from real politicians they're just walking around the metaphorical house setting fires.

I think maybe I'm almost looking at it from the wrong side - what I'm thinking about is the implicit subsidy to the (shittiest) people who realise that if you know other people are going to continue to support the social/political/physical infrastructure of society you can keep a larger share of wealth for yourself.

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I'm trying to figure out what to call the parts of society that run on donations of time energy and money from people who have the least to spare.

It was clean&green day today, so we picked up garbage in the community. I'm kinda pro-this, especially for kids, because it helped me teach mine again that just because something is free and easy for you (throwing garbage on the ground) doesn't mean there isn't a higher cost for someone else later.

But this isn't quite the right example.

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Sometimes we call a tax on bad things a 'sin tax' - what's a name for a tax on good things?

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