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Hello Fediverse (and! I'm Tynan, and I'm a speculative fiction writer and software engineer. I'm here to write about writing, chat with other writers, and toot other random stuff that comes up. (Bird site account is too professional and I want a place to more freely speak my mind.)

Currently reading The Stand, and The End Of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking).

If you want to check out my blog or some stories, they're all linked at

I keep reading masterworks from before I was born and thinking “man SFF has really gone downhill” but yeahhh it’s probably just that I’m reading works of genius that have withstood the rest of time

Thought about ruining my day by opening the bird site but decided to weird up my day on masto instead

I’m working on the second draft of my novel right now. Wrote two chapters before I realized I’d started too early. Just finished the actual first two chapters, and I more or less didn’t use anything from the first 125 pages of the rough draft.

Such is the process, but still, lolsob

@tynanpants turns out this paragraph is now the first paragraph and I have two chapters to mulch

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Spent half an hour writing a paragraph?? Pretty sure it’s a keeper though so that’s 115 words in the can for the final draft

Kicking the tires on a new opinion:

World-class YA/PG stories shine a little brighter than other genres because you don’t have access to many of the bells and whistles that a mediocre writer can distract adults with. You have to be really good at the fundamentals because they have to carry more weight. Sort of like how chefs judge each other based on fried eggs.

As a corollary, bad PG is even worse.

I’m not a particularly big fan, fwiw

This spring, I helped out a y combinator company that was trying to build a writing community. They decided to go with an expensive subscription plan so I told them it wouldn’t work and stopped.

Got curious this morning and looked them up. The website just directs you to a discord server for some scammy “web 3.0” NFT nonsense.

The best minds of my generation…

One easy way to add drama to a story is to just make the characters shittier people

today i will try to find the best cover of A Cruel Angel's Thesis

and write, in case my editor sees this

“Alright! I’ve sent the manuscript to my editor” is something I will never get tired of saying

@tynanpants the title is from the Kybalion but I just realized it sounds like Whitman. Probably drawing from shared source material. Occultism was popular back then

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Beta draft of short story LIKE AND UNLIKE ARE THE SAME is complete! Well, I still need to read it through one more time. But!

It’s the tale of a young mage at his first 12-step meeting for magic dependence.

One of the problems with working with an editor is that I don’t let my ideas stew and iterate enough before I seek feedback. There’s been a certain weirdness missing from my work lately.

Which is all to say I hope he doesn’t mind getting this one later than he’d like 😅

Time to rip this short story’s second draft to shreds

Finally been firing up Scrivener again to do the second draft of my novel. It really came together in my head while I was letting it lie fallow and working on other projects. Wrote up the new take on the main characters, and a bullet-pointed outline, in two days! Happy with myself. Breaking this down into chapters is going well too, for now at least. I always forget how much easier a second draft is :D

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