Hello Fediverse (and! I'm Tynan, and I'm a speculative fiction writer and software engineer. I'm here to write about writing, chat with other writers, and toot other random stuff that comes up. (Bird site account is too professional and I want a place to more freely speak my mind.)

Currently reading The Stand, and The End Of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking).

If you want to check out my blog or some stories, they're all linked at

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@tynanpants Hello and welcome; I see someone is carrying their towel. Checking out a short story of yours and I love this: "Make sure to offer somebody an offramp before they drive too far down stupid street". I always try to offer this when it's relevant as I am grateful when it comes around to my turn :-)

@wordsmith Thank you and thank you! I was trying to capture the energy of a mom-ism and think I succeeded.

It's a good habit, not that I'm always the best at it...

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