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The simulation hypothesis is super boring to me now that I’ve learned about Bolzmann brains. Nihilism: go big or go home

+659 words

Spent all day doing the actual moving part, but am very happy I finished this scene. Cornelius has been burned by his handler and been told to get rid of his phone. I'm proud of the detail that he feels a twinge of guilt before tossing it into a storm drain, because he sees the NO DUMPING--DRAINS TO BAY notice.

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+612 words

Spent all day moving stuff, but did manage to squeeze in some writing. Finished the zip-tie scene. Poor bloodied Cornelius. This is a very exciting sequence to write, though, and important to the plot, and Corny is taking it in stride. Excited to wrap up the rest of the chapter tomorrow (1000 words?), which I just did a beat sheet for.

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+555 words

Late start tonight; getting ready to move soon. Went well, though. Finally getting into the darker parts of the story. Cornelius's amateur attempts at spying are finally catching up to him. He's about to try and cut his way out of some zip-ties, which will bloody his wrists quite a bit--but he knows how to deal with that, since he's got practice.

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+734 words

Finished chapter. Not thrilled with it, the texture isn’t so great, but that’s a problem for the next draft. Following chapter I am very excited to write—Cornelius makes a thrilling, surprisingly bloody escape!

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Sometimes a writer will tweet about a paywalled thing they wrote, and then a bunch of people will comment “wow this sounds great, too bad I’ll never read it because you want to get paid for your work.” Who... are those people. What.

@tynanpants +548 words

Today’s session was a struggle. Had to cobble together some character motivation to get from point A to point B and now feeling too grumpy to proceed. But, my daily minimum is 500, so this will do. Well positioned for tomorrow at least.

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@tynanpants probably could have written a little less lol. Where did the afternoon go. But hey now I feel accomplished and studly

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+735 words
86,498 total

Hideki is now a part of their scheme, and has begun, in his halting and clumsy way, to flirt back with his friend Shige. Maybe some day he'll have the confidence to be overt about it. In the meantime, he has sushi to make, and a voyage to plan for.

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I was taking Sundays off from novel work, but I’m getting really impatient to finish the rough draft so I’m not any more. Days off are good when I need them, but maybe there’s no reason to take them if I... don’t.

Daily update

+733 words
85,755 total

Finally got all the pieces in place for Hideki to want, and be able, to invite himself on the voyage. Now I just have to describe his pitch and their acceptance, plus have some plot happen in the background, and it's on to the next chapter. Still feeling great about the state of the project.

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Daily update

+1,106 words
85,030 total

This chapter came together very fast. Great! On to the next one. Same garden party, new POV, and the final scene in this sequence. Then we're on to some very fun spycraft.

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Daily update

+729 words
83,926 total

When I was first outlining this story, I had no plans for Cornelius to fall in love, but, well, he did. And good for him! It fits his arc and helps get him where he needs to be. Other than that, this chapter is just more getting-the-gang-together work, which must be done, but I can't wait until they're all finally rocketing toward the climax.

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Been reading Katie Mack's "The End Of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)" and it's a fun way to learn about the universe, and how it might end. It's also providing good inspiration for stories.

The things we might see in the sky when the universe begins to unravel.

FTL travel by screwing with dark energy.

Gravity-wave communication between multiverse branes.

Even a light in the darkness of heat death--there's no reason that timeless soup couldn't create another big bang.

Daily update

+785 words
83,197 total

The scheme that will carry the rest of the plot has been hatched. This was the biggest stumbling block in the rough draft, so I'm glad I was able to make it work--it makes a lot more sense this time around. Onward to the next chapter, which uses my favorite POV character, a playboy scion who's in way over his head, quite intentionally.

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Daily update on first draft of sci-fi novel THE WORLD BEYOND EELS

+933 words
82,470 total

Writing a lovely garden party.

Feeling very good about Act IV, which is nearing its end. Things are finally coming together; themes and symbols, intentional and otherwise, are meshing wonderfully. A few more chapters and we can begin the sprint to the end. I know it's not quite as close as it feels, but still...

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