I looked at the internet, it was a mistake

First time using my new convection oven...cooked a pizza, was a bit under-cooked... But I blame that on me having to guess the weight of the pizza (wsn't printed on the label, and my scale wasn't working...) This combo convection/microwave/air fryer is a great replacement for the microwave that died...

Not only does LeGuin get a US Postage Stamp, the background celebrates one of the first and most notable #nonbinary characters in #sff.

I want to get on to my writing project(s) today...but first I need to figureout why my spell checker is broken. :(

So, I've been thinking about taking an old short story I wrote and using it as the basis for a novel... And I've just figured out the additional plot points needed to make the longer version work.

Has anyone used a sensitivity editor / reader before? I've read some articles arguing both for an against them, but I'd love to hear other's thoughts / experiences?

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