Do not forget to look up at our wonderful Moon tonight, for it's International Observe the Moon night! 🌝

And if you wonder where did this giant Moon come from, I've summarized how Apollo lunar samples transformed our understanding of the same, and how we can push it further.

How the Apollo missions transformed our understanding of the Moon’s origin:

If you want a glimpse into what humans will achieve on the Moon in a decade, Astrobotic's just revealed plan for delivering power to robots and devices on the lunar south pole is a great candidate. I cover its potential along with other new developments in my latest Moon Monday.

Humbled to be on this panel with the Australian Space Agency. 🙂

Do attend if you’re interested in Indian and Australian lunar exploration plans, and how they (can) fit into ever-growing international activities on and around the Moon.

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Moon Monday #96: Another storm for SLS, a lunar power service, a refined Lunar-Mars vision, and more updates:

So I dug into and summarized how NASA is planning to have an advanced rover its astronauts will drive on the Moon and the companies that will bid to make it. Bottomline? The Lunar Terrain Vehicle will be vastly more capable than the Apollo rover!

I suck at tweeting, microblogging and microsharing. After a brief pitiful re-existence in the same vein, I shall return to just blogging. Saner, more thoughtful, less flamboyant blogging.

A gentle reminder that this one-of-a-kind newsletter of mine covering global lunar exploration is absolutely free to access. I don’t display any ads either. If you find value in what I do, consider supporting.

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So much has happened in Moon exploration last week that my latest 2000-plus-word Moon Monday issue is packed with exciting news updates, and lots of context and references: 🚀🌗

Moon Monday #95: NASA seeks advanced human landers; CAPSTONE tumbles; Masten gets sold, and too many updates:

Over the Moon to share that my Moon Monday newsletter is now featured on the website of the Moon Village Association! 🚀🌗

Moon Monday #94: Pushing for an SLS liftoff, new spacesuits for Moonwalking, a large ESA lander, and more:

Moon Monday #93: Another Artemis I delay, Moon-dedicated ground stations, a versatile rover, and more updates:

I'm really excited to be visiting Bangalore again after 3 years. I can’t wait to have very soft idlis and filter coffee while chilling in a literally cool weather.

And of course, there’s the venerable cold-pressed, non-particulate sugarcane juice.

Happy to share that Moon Monday has crossed 2,500 email subscribers! You know what’s the best part? This one-of-a-kind lunar exploration and science newsletter covering developments from all over the world is free. Subscribe here:

Here’s everything I published last month. I put out 5 articles, 5 newsletter issues, and 2 new archive pages on the wonderful World Wide Web:

My double-walled steel cup finally has a glass equivalent I can get behind. I dislike ceramics and glass because they’re fragile and thermally terrible. I don’t care that they look pretty. But this one’s a good middle ground.

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