Future astronauts on the Moon might use a smart tablet to plan and enhance their scientific excursions. I like to call this the “Moonwalk tablet”, about which I cover in this week’s Moon Monday. Love this initiative by ESA. blog.jatan.space/p/moon-monday

I’ll be giving a free virtual talk titled on exploring our Moon on July 17, part of the International Moon Day celebrations by Moon Village Association India. Come see me speak instead of write for a change! Register here → eventbrite.com/e/mva-india-imd

“Endurance” may not be your first thought when you see a damselfly but this species has been around for over 100 million years—from when the dinosaurs ruled Earth to now when humans do.
📷 from cool insects I spotted in Bangalore: thoughts.jatan.space/p/insects

It’s remarkable how much infrastructure is required to ensure crowds don’t rush into trains and keep things fair. The second metro in my city has doors on stations too.
For the Day 28 prompt of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge. challenges.micro.blog/2022/05/

I love giving cards to people I care about, usually with a self-written poem in it: thoughts.jatan.space/p/a-rare-

I love receiving cards too but never got one, except this one from an ex-coworker during a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. :)

For today’s micro.blog Photoblogging challenge prompt: challenges.micro.blog/2022/05/

What showing up every Monday can do. Here are the stats for my Moon exploration newsletter: blog.jatan.space/s/moon-monday
I know this is humble growth but for a niche creator who doesn’t make videos or podcasts and only writes, I’m happy. Share if you’d like to help.

Searching for my name on Google shows my social media profiles and tweets up top. Yeah, never mind my detailed blogs and articles and serve the random chatter instead..
DuckDuckGo is better at this. jatan.space

I nominate this Moon mountain for today’s prompt of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge. This incredible picture of the central peak of Tycho crater is taken by NASA’s LRO spacecraft.
Also read how Moon mountains form: blog.jatan.space/p/exploring-m lroc.sese.asu.edu/posts/384

Here’s rubble-pile mountain from somewhere in South India (I was in a train) for today’s prompt of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge. challenges.micro.blog/2022/05/

Today’s prompt for the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge is “intricate”, suggested by yours truly: challenges.micro.blog/2022/05/

Here’s my submission: A crushable aluminum-honeycomb structure that gets compressed in the legs of Moon-landing spacecraft during touchdown to absorb impact forces.

Tip: You can make a Google account using your non-gmail email address too i.e. without having a gmail account. Especially useful to avoid Google’s ridiculous ban policies abruptly taking away your entire email and contacts, and having you wait for days to talk to a human.

For the Day 21 prompt of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge: symmetry
A Gazania flower from the beautiful bunch at IIT Kanpur: thoughts.jatan.space/p/flowers challenges.micro.blog/2022/05/

The tranquality of a beverage isn’t just about what’s in it but what holds it too. Thanks to double-walled steel cups, I’m never going back to drinking in ceramics or glass: thoughts.jatan.space/p/cup-of-
For Day 20 of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge. challenges.micro.blog/2022/05/

For the Day 19 prompt of the micro.blog Photoblogging challenge: indulgence.

What persevering through time can do: thoughts.jatan.space/p/my-scie
If I can become an independent writer in the niche field of space exploration, sitting in India, I genuinely believe anyone else can do anything equivalent too.

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