I also wrote a follow-up post on how this mission will inspire kids and students in South Korea, similar to how India's Chandrayaan 1 did the same for me: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-moment

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South Korea has launched its first Moon mission! My article highlights its importance to science, the country’s future ambitions, and NASA’s role: blog.jatan.space/p/kplo

Some friends and readers tell me I publish too many articles a month (😅), and would prefer an easier way to see at a glance notable posts from across my many blogs.

Okay, so here’s everything I published in July: roundup.jatan.space/everything

South Korea is just a week away from launching its first Moon mission! I wrote about how it will inspire kids and students in South Korea, and how India’s Chandrayaan 1 did the same for me: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-moment

Today is International Moon Day, and I'm excited to share my curated Moon page blog.jatan.space/our-moon 🌗

I’ve handpicked resources and self-written articles to get people from all backgrounds excited and informed about our Moon as we mount a grand return.

Future astronauts on the Moon might use a smart tablet to plan and enhance their scientific excursions. I like to call this the “Moonwalk tablet”, about which I cover in this week’s Moon Monday. Love this initiative by ESA. blog.jatan.space/p/moon-monday

Moon Monday #86: New SLS boosters, a Korean Mooncraft, a crusty Pangaea, and more updates: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-monday

In a world of algorithms and scale, the word of mouth still holds its own. And one I’m a bit proud to have relied on to grow my space writing. This social-media-averse guy sincerely thanks everyone who has ever shared his space blog or an article he wrote. :) blog.jatan.space/about

While Mastodon doesn’t have many of Twitter’s core flaws, I appreciate that it has an autodelete feature baked in.

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My tweets autodelete after a while now thanks to semiphemeral.com. Exactly what a platform encouraging fleeting thoughts at any cost deserves.
My refined thoughts will always be on:

My Space Blog blog.jatan.space/about

Box of Thoughts thoughts.jatan.space/about

I promised a sciency Moon Monday this week. Here you go: blog.jatan.space/p/moon-monday my coverage on how scientists want to know the exact amount of water in the Moon’s interior, which is important to its origin and Earth’s!

Honeslty, the graph glimpse of how we can now study atmospheres of exoplanets hundreds of light years away in exquisite detail is my favorite JWST “picture” release. nasa.gov/image-feature/goddard

I’ll be giving a free virtual talk titled on exploring our Moon on July 17, part of the International Moon Day celebrations by Moon Village Association India. Come see me speak instead of write for a change! Register here → eventbrite.com/e/mva-india-imd

@steven_ovadia I see. How do you deal with the noise on Discord? By gating entries or moderation or both?

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