I need to learn
to cry again
and you say

crying is bad
don't be sad
don't cry


I can't be
the full range

laughter doesn't rise
like yeast in me
unleavened by tears

love doesn't bloom
like the rose it is
unwatered by tears

nothing exists
without an

I dive deep
and I soar

and I want
the most
of everything
I can have

let me cry
grieve my losses

give me back

it's a spectrum
and I only have
black and white

I want it all

fullness manifest

dressed in her
hoop skirt
and boldly
offering us her
full face

we wish on her
we tell her that
as she grows
pregnant with
our desire

that our
dearest yearnings
grow and resolve
and when she is full


she smiles
she weaves her weft
she nods and says
dressing herself
gaily in
swiftly moving clouds
and spangled in stars

ever ready
for her monthly
of birth
and beginnings
and endings

she smiles
and all she says

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Skype is owned by Microsoft and all its calls pass through MS servers. No one knows what MS does with the data it gathers.

Jami is a free open alternative with no servers at all, calls connect directly between users. It's very easy to use, and a good privacy-friendly replacement for Skype.

Their website is at:


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The app is available for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.


I smile
for the camera
an inanimate object
that nevertheless
has an opinion

I smile for you
so far away
and depending
heavily on my
my image
ephemeral scratches
on the lens of reality
to see me

easily polished away

you are too far
and my smile is only
pinned in place
like a bib
protecting me from
this sloppy longing
this dripping and oozing
missing you missing you


bear it

until we
meet again

make it soon
this holding pattern
makes my face hurt

poems can be
about anything

you can write and write
but then
if you write about
everyday stuff
it has to hit some nerve
or it disappears
like it never was

so you push
and you make the ripples
in the lake
you throw your pebble
or your rock
or your
disembodied skull

that one you remember
that one made a dent

and the ripples
go and go and go
and you skip
your wordy little rocks
and become

no point if you don't
make a few waves

you can write about
any damn thing

set it in stone.

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@tellio No broken bits ... the gig was a few nights ago ... youtube.com/watch?v=eItj1SHxaU ... notice the bass amp rocking back and forth as I was jumping around ... we nearly broke the floorboards and crashed to the first floor of the bar ...


we never get
in the desert

it's dry
it's hot
there's nothing

it's all burned away

there is no
bright side
to this

in the
is a thing


you have to have rain
if you expect a rainbow
Sucks, but how it is


gradual transitions
have their own
form of pain

a slow draining
of something
you thought
you could count on

but the abrupt ones
where one minute
you think well maybe
something is not
quite right
and the next

you are a disembodied
lying on the floor
looking at a heap
of disjointed limbs
and dismantled organs
and you wonder

what the hell happened

how did you miss your cue

you didn't see it coming
and it came

and there is no
coming back
from that


I just want
to get it right

not sure what


is, but I want
just some kind of

at something

I think this may be
what they mean
when they say
I'm too rough
on myself

I don't know
how to do
anything differently

maybe that's It
the thing

the something
that I need
to get right

good luck with that


this large body
is more than half water
do not attempt
to compress me
it will go

this water is
sacred to the moon
and may be drawn

yes I am tidal
I follow her
and she pulls me
along with her
I choose
but it's not a choice

I am not
to be forced
or restricted

do not tease
a potential flood
my rage will
overwhelm you

for when you
tempt me past my limits
you are playing with
the fiery part of water

and steam burns
are no joke

if I had a religion
it would be about
happy endings

we are sad
we are lonely
left out

and that is
just this moment

the end of the story
is connection
and getting to know
the reasons
seeing a path

we see all this hard life
all around us
all the time

but we could know
it will turn out okay

the hurting will be soothed
and all will be right
in the end

but I have no

and faith
is a lot to ask

just can't write today
pulled in many directions
unable to ground

Fire and earth
air and water

then spirit

at last

brilliant finish



(panting, moaning)

solid hard


then there is the joining

of two spirits

air feeds them

water lubes all




thought I was
a flightless bird

they have them

but I was forced
by death and life
to fly

and now
I fly in every
possible direction


winds and predators
coming at me
never ceasing

and me
aw shit
I never learned
how to land

I won't be
walking away
from this one

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