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my latest attempt to be raw and real on my blog: swamp demon cleans up, the before.

includes "before" pictures of the mess i'm currently trying to tame.

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We added the new Onion-Location header to, to make it easier for users to get to our site!

Thanks to @kushal for writing about this new feature in the Tor browser!

Done is what had to be done
As the morning creek runs
from its ephemeral source
The songbird strikes a new melody
Nourished by rising sun,
Caressed by gentle wind
the trees awaken with new life


Creepers reliant on finite wall
reaching towards boundless sky
Simple fly bouncing off clear glass pane
oblivious to open doors adjacent
And I, observing this,
still yearn to be what I am not.

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a bright nap
beneath patient skies

is like

being consumed by lifeless clouds
on a timeless day

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let me sink into this deep sleep

let my body slip away

let my mind melt and fade like that acid dream and this tab of lsd

let me stay and exist in that mist and this grey

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a whole ocean stands before me in the midst of this breeze - swaying trees and talkative leaves.

the rumble of the Forrest, the moan of the Beach, the ambiance of the gas-lit light

this and more swims around me like the golden glow of the sun

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Hello!! Excited to read and learn from other writers as well as share my writing to the fediverse. Mainly writing poems, short stories, and blog posts for now. Interested in finding ineffable truths and reflecting them the best I can in words. Here's a poem for reading this far:


I fall into the plane below
Perturbing in infinite directions
Forever decaying into nothing
Until the still plane returns,
A millimeter thicker.

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