If you're taking part in hopefully this poem will inspire you (posted in thread).

I wrote it at the start of the year for the Worldbuilding School. vcno.uk/3i

It doesn’t matter if you draw, write or simply dream of new worlds – this poem is written for you. The people who dream.

I hope you like it.



Calling all dreamers.
All fantasy lovers.

Calling the ones who sit and doodle;
The ones who write.

Calling all who build their own worlds;
Who imagine stories, And the ones who picture a multiverse of opportunity.

This is your time.

Not only now,
But also in the years to come.

Poem 1/2

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So don’t stress.
Don’t fret if life doesn’t happen as you imagine,
Or the story feels too big and hides from the page you’re writing.

It’ll come.

There is a time for everything.

It’ll come.

Keep dreaming. Keep doodling. Keep writing.

Be the master of your own world.

Create races.
Plan cities.
Draw maps.

Build a place you don’t just belong; You rule.

Welcome to the Worldbuilding School.

Poem 2/2

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