“In the affluent tech world that Mr. Kahle and Mr. Sprigman inhabit, it seems only authors are being asked to give up their work for free.” authorsguild.org/who-we-are/le


@lilithsaintcrow thanks for sharing. First I've heard of the Open Library Project (tho I use the Internet archive). That's scummy. Lots of info and links on the site for giving money to the open library but no mention of supporting the authors who created the work. What's worse is "sponsor a book" makes it sound like you are supporting the author. Piracy under the pretence of noble work.

@vancano Every e-thief (“pirate” is a romantic title they do not deserve) is the same. They dress it up with “fweedom” and fancy verbal footwork because they KNOW what they’re doing is wrong.

@lilithsaintcrow @vancano Yeah I pretend that I care about freedom, but actually I cry myself to sleep every night over the fact that I don’t pay a corporation for the right to like things. I’m so ashamed to skip out on my responsibility to ensure they make money.

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